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Natural Sapphire is considered a valuable gemstone as precious to the natural diamond, known to be the birthstone for September. Generally, it is blue colored but occasionally naturally fancy sapphire arises in yellow, green, orange, and purple colors too. Jewelry is made out of natural sapphires by cutting and polishing them into gemstones.


The color of the gemstones can be labeled in terms of their hue, whereas saturation defines the brightness of the tone. Blue sapphire stone is found in a different mixture of its hues. It is located in various shades and saturation. Another type of sapphire is available like Natural Star Sapphire. The purity of the primary hue of the blue sapphire is considered as the definition of its purity. Similar to the Lab-Created Diamonds and Loose Emerald Stones are the cheap ones that are easily available too in sapphire variant.


The quality of the blue sapphire is essential. Around 15% of violet or blue color present in it makes it an excellent quality blue sapphire stone. Grey present in the sapphire becomes responsible for the reduction of the saturation or brightness of the sapphire. And hence, it shows a negative effect. The primary hue should be present for at least 85%, and the secondary shade of 15% is considered as the right combination.


  • The historical importance of blue sapphire


The blue sapphires mark their importance in history as well. According to the rulers' beliefs of ancient Persia, the blue sapphires were believed to paint the sky by their reflection. They were defined as "the blue of a clear sky just minutes after sundown" by some great poets. Some religions relate heaven with the blue color of sapphire. And in every way, the blue sapphire has wholly done justice with all these beliefs.


  • Benefits of wearing blue sapphire


If the blue sapphire suits a person, it shows amazingly observable results. The boost in metabolism and energy can be felt instantly. It is believed to protect the wearer from all the evils, hexing, and enemies too. It improves the decision-making ability of the wearer and blesses him with clarity of mind. Blue sapphire is said to improve digestion and increase the concentration and focus of the person. It calms the senses.


Blue sapphire has miraculously high abilities to remove negativity. It gets one away from fears and complexes. This gem directly improves wealth conditions. Although this fact cannot be neglected that one needs to work towards his goals to achieve them, the gem enhances the results. For people with an enormous amount of spiritual inclination, this gem improves the quality of meditation.

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Research has proved that Amethyst Quartz has a sobering effect on the person who chooses to wear the stone. This stone is also known to cleanse the person's mind of any emotional clutter the person is hanging on to. It has also been established that the Amethyst Stone cures excessive acidity (heartburn), combats insect bites, and improves the quality of the skin.




  • Along with treating illnesses and offering corrective solutions to a variety of medical conditions, amethyst has been regarded as a gemstone that brings real, thick friends together. It is also understood that all those who love wearing amethyst would also be gifted with a pure frame of mind and bring more faith and trust in situations and people. It is one of the popular Gemstones For Each Month.


  • This stone also is given a very prominent position among the ornaments of the Catholic clergy. Amethyst has been worn extensively by bishops and cardinals by way of donning the Papal Ring.


  • To recognize Amethyst Stones from others, one must make note that this stone appears purple and could range from dark purple to lilac (medium shade) to lavender (very light purple). However, the most effective and pretty amethyst is always the one in medium color. This light-dark stone shade invokes a royal look. This birthstone has also been worn to overcome alcohol and cure many ailments such as hearing problems, inadequate sleep, and frequent body aches. Also, this gemstone is known to drastically shrink the severity of mental disorders and mind-related illnesses as these relax the mind to a large degree. You can try gemstones by month or through the birthstones.



  • Amethyst is also considered as the healer stone because this stone has the ability to focus all the body's energy into a quick improvement. A knowledgeable gemstone wearer is also known to team this stone with multiple stones set in silver, especially in an amethyst studded necklace. For intense healing, the person undergoing healing therapy will also be given an amethyst to hold during the procedure.


  • Amethyst is also an effective cure related to blood flow and breathing. Amethyst crystals are used to keep the air in the entire home clean and devoid of negativity. If you like the benefits, then you can get the Amethyst Stones For Sale without any problem.


Amethysts kept near a window are known to attract positive vibrations throughout the day and night. This practice drives out negativity from the house. Alternatively, placing amethysts in the moon will make every person in the home calmer, more sorted, and sober. Using an amethyst also increases positive spiritual feelings. Amethyst helps overcome fears related to the unforeseen and cravings for material possessions. It also helps relieve constant acute headaches.

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Glass Gemstone: What Are The Choices? 2 years ago

There are different kinds of glass gemstone in a wide range of colors some of them are discussed below:




People having the characteristics of being loyal, devoted, energetic is considered the perfect one for this gemstone. Red garnets are used to;


  • Promote sincerity
  • Cure inflammatory diseases
  • Cure anger and discord
  • Promote health
  • Offers the wearer honors
  • Protect against the evils.


Therefore, it is considered a worthwhile gemstone.


Moreover, it is available in various colors including reds, yellow gemstones, violet gemstones, green tourmaline,  gray moonstone, and oranges.  It is considered the most exciting gem in the world. The cost may vary depending on the various kinds of factors such as variety, quality, and size. Normally you can find $40 per carat or more than $5,000 per carat everywhere in the world. 


Garnet can sometimes resemble more expensive gems such as green garnet, tsavorite is one of the most beautiful and can be assumed as the finest quality of emerald. There is also a rare green garnet, also known as demantoid. These gems can fulfill the desires of the person who can’t afford a real emerald.


You can find Garnet in almost every color and shade except blue. It is popularly identified in a deep red variety, sometimes with a brownish cast but commonly it is available in orangish brown shades and brilliant wine red shades as well. Other colors may involve orange, red, purple, violet, and pink.



Moonstone (Feldspar):


Moonstone brings good luck, especially for lovers. This stone can be offered as a gift as it is believed to increase one’s tender passion. Also, it offers the ability to forecast their future whether it is good or evil. Moreover, it protects men from epilepsy. It is also a belief that if it is hung on fruit trees, the production of food crops will also increase.



Moonstone is probably taken from the myth that people can observe the lunar month with the help of this stone.  The fact behind this myth is that a small spot is visible in the stone when the new moon begins and slowly moves forward the stone’s center. It is said that this spot keeps being bigger until the spot converts into the shape of a full moon in the center of the gemstone.


Moonstone belongs to the feldspar family. It is a clear milky white gemstone, also popular for rings because when the hand moves, the effect of the brilliant light color is highlighted. The blue color is rare to find as it is a more desirable choice for the users. Therefore, it becomes difficult to find in the market especially in large sizes.


Although they are less expensive than the real ones, they can be used in the manufacturing of different ornaments such as rings, earrings, and much more.


These are some glass imitations of moonstone, when compared to the real gemstone they are not good enough.

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What Is The Significant Role Of Birthstones For All Months? 2 years ago

You can find birthstones for all months having special meaning behind them. Most people prefer to wear their birthstone jewelry at some point whether in the form of a ring, a pendant, or a necklace. People must have knowledge about the birthstones for each month that may be discussed below:





Garnet is a birthstone for the month of January and it is associated with blood. The deep red gem has various kinds of beliefs such as it can control hemorrhaging, decrease anger and help get rid of nightmares.


February -


The amethyst, a durable stone that is available in a wide range of shades of purple, is the birthstone for people born in this shortest month of the year.  It possesses numerous healing powers and can help you bestow sobriety, tranquility, and peace.


March -  


Aquamarine has been named after its bluish-green tint. It is the birthstone of the people born in March. Sailors have this certain kind of belief that if they wear this birthstone they will get protection while at sea. It also signifies love, affection, and bravery. 


April -


Diamonds are the birthstones for people who have been born in the month of April. They symbolize love. That’s why most people have this stone in their engagement rings containing at least one diamond. They are also enduring and long-lasting offering the best impression for birthstones jewelry.


May -


Emerald is the birthstone for people born in May month. This deeper green jewelry is associated with sincerity and fortune. People have a certain kind of belief that the wearer can see the future after having this precious green stone.                                       


June -


It is the only birthstone that originated from a living being.  The pearl is a birthstone for the people born in June. It is considered that the pearl makes marriages long-lasting leading to the purest and angelic effect among all the gems in the world.


July -


A deep red Ruby is a birthstone for the people in July month. The gem signifies success, better fortune, and happiness. These are some of the most valuable stones in the world and are rarer to find than diamonds. If you don’t find the red rubies then alternatively you can bet on the black star ruby or even black star sapphire to attract fortune.


August -


August’s birthstone is the peridot and is pale green in color. Peridots not only bring good luck but offer good luck against evil and nightmares. It also brings dignity and peace to the wearers.


September -


Sapphire is the birthstone of the people born in September. The deepest blue shade of this gemstone is very popular worldwide. However, the jewel is also available in reddish-orange, green and purple shades. It bestows people with faithfulness, sincerity, and loyalty.


October -


Opal is the birthstone, born in October. It is a semi-precious stone. It is said that the Opal is a gift from heaven and is considered as having fallen from the sky. It signifies hope, innocence, and purity. 


November -


Topaz is a birthstone for people born in November. It is found in various color ranges and can also be colorless. This stone offers protection from evil. It is associated with healing, improving eyesight, and suppressing your anger.


December -


Turquoise is a kind of beautiful deep blue stone that is associated with December birthdays. The stone focuses on offering good fortune, protection against devils, and much more.



You can notice that each birthstone plays an important role in bringing the changes of a wearer’s life and its symbolic meaning affects the wearers’ life positively whose birthdays fall in a particular month.

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What Are The Astrological Effects Of Blue Sapphire? 2 years ago

According to Medic Astrology, blue sapphire signifies the planet Saturn. This stone is very compelling by nature. The astrologers state that the gemstone benefits the wearer in a great manner, it helps the wearer to get progress in each aspect of life.



The blue sapphire stone symbolizes Saturn or Shani. Medic Astrology indicates that Saturn correlates with hard-working and devoted people. It does mean that you can get success without doing any kind of hard work. It only benefits the people who believe in hard work and give their hundred percent dedication to their work. So, clearly, it indicates that people who don’t work hard, won’t be able to get what they want to achieve in their life. This gemstone offers the endowments of Shani to the people who aren't afraid to work hard. Therefore, Blue Sapphire offers great results to hardworking people only.


Moreover, you can get immediate supremacy after wearing blue star sapphire. Saturn is the slowest planet in the Zodiac. It finishes the circle of twelve Rashes in a month only indicating that it is the fastest planet. However, a star sapphire gemstone might take months to offer expected results.


Cost Of Blue Sapphire:


If you want a superfine quality of Blue Sapphire, it is mostly found in Jammu and Kashmir. Although, it is not easy to discover Blue Sapphire in Kashmir easily. And if discovered everybody can’t afford it as it is a highly expensive stone on the earth. The gemstone can be discovered in Sri Lanka. You can find them easily in the markets. The price may range from$25 per carat to over $11,000 per carat.  The prices may vary depending on many factors such as quality. Therefore, it can cost $450 to $1,600, relying on the quality.


Customs Of Wearing Blue Sapphire Stone:


Customers have lots of doubts or questions about how they should wear a sapphire stone or Neelam stone.


There are some certain rituals that should be followed by a wearer that  may include:


  • You should offer prayers to Saturn to get the best possible results and help in overcoming difficulties.
  • The weight of the gemstone should be a minimum of 3 Ratti which means 360 mg.
  • The gemstone should be attached in a silver or gold ring.
  • Wearers should bestow black urad, salt, mustard oil, soap, tea leaves, money (Dakshina) to the feet of a peepal tree and pray for good health and prosperity.
  • Make the male buffalo feed with green leaves and cottonseed. Bathe the Shivalinga with milk.
  • Keep the ring in a copper bowl full of water on Saturday.
  • You can put on the gemstone after pouring the bowl water on the roots of a peepal tree. The following ritual should be completed two hours before the sunset in the left middle finger along with the recitation of the BeejMantra of Saturn/Shani. The Mantra is “Om Aim Shreem Shanaischaraya Namah“.
  • It should be worn on Saturday evening or morning.


Who is the right candidate for it?


Blue Sapphire should be worn by inhabitants of Capricorn, Aquarius. It is also worn by the people whose Saturn’s Position in the horoscope is not so strong.


Services benefited from blue sapphire stone:


People who belong to the field of dance, drama, martial arts, cinematography, action, and direction may enjoy the benefits of Neelam. Neelam wearer can become a great industrialist and political leader. Also, the people who are in the field of politics, the law should wear the gemstone to get success in their profession.


What day and time should it be worn?


For getting the best results, you should wear the gemstone on Saturday morning between 5 am to 7 am.


So, if you want to enjoy a prosperous life and you believe in hard work, grab the stone from the market and get blessed with its advantages.

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Emerald Stones: Are They Perfect For You? 2 years ago

History Of Emerald:


The word Emerald is derived from the Greek word "smaragdos," which symbolizes "greenstone". It is considered to be a holy stone and is believed to be one of the gemstones found in the breastplate of Aaron. Throughout history, different races have been fascinated by emeralds - Egyptians, Incas, and Spanish. This fascination continues to the present time. Browse online gemstone stores to find out if there are emerald stones for sale.


If your daughter's birthday is in May and you are looking for her first earring, you could give her an earring with an emerald stone. If your 20th or 35th wedding anniversary is fast approaching and you are looking for the perfect gift for your wife, maybe you could consider getting her emerald earrings for this special occasion. The ancients believe that an emerald symbolizes the serenity of spirit and of mind. You might not believe ancient beliefs but emeralds are really soothing and restful for the eyes. Watch out for emeralds for sale, to get them at affordable prices.


Assessing Emeralds:


  • Today, emeralds are still used for earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Emerald jewelry is one of the best gifts for women. They are pretty expensive though as they cost thousands of dollars, but are worth buying just to let your wife know you value her. It is a rather good gift for a marriage that lasted 20 years or 35 years! Therefore, buy an emerald stone to bestow your mate with its enormous benefits.


  • It is difficult to look for a very good piece of emerald jewelry as high-quality emeralds could be very rare. Many emeralds contain bubbles or inclusions. Being a very old form of stone, you'd know how old the emerald is by the bubbles it has. A greener emerald is always more expensive. The cost is purely based on the color of it. Therefore, the green color determines the worth of the emerald.


  • A form of emerald that is especially considered to be of high quality is the Columbian emerald. A famous Columbian emerald is the Trapiche which has six rays emanating from the center when the stone is cut.


  • When you are buying an emerald necklace, bracelet, or earring, you must carefully check the stone as there are a lot of fake emeralds being sold in the market. Always prefer a high-quality jewelry store to avoid purchasing fake emeralds. Demand a GIA certificate to get the assurance that the emeralds are genuine.


  • Make sure the stones are not heated, irradiated, coated, or dyed in any way. Some stones are subjected to this treatment to change their color and make them more expensive. Check the stones from all angles and check the color as well. As already mentioned, the green color of the emerald stone makes it more valuable. However, it is somehow difficult to find the perfect emerald stone, always checking for bubbles, inclusions, or other flaws first. Always watch out that there should not be any scratches or flaws on the stones’ surface.


If a stone is set off as a ring or as a necklace, make sure that you can see the back of the stone. It should have a claw setting and the setting should allow the light to pass through so that the stone will not look dull. Check out stone for sale, buy them at appropriate prices. 


Now, you are ready to buy your perfect emerald.

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All You Need To Know About Topaz 2 years ago

Topaz’s name is derived from the Greek word ‘Topazos’ which means ‘green gemstone. Topaz forms one of the foundations for the 12 gates of the sacred city of New Jerusalem known for 2000 years. Topaz is a fluorine aluminum silicate. It comes in various colors like yellow-brown, flax, yellow, honey-yellow, green, red, brown, blue, pink, and light blue and sometimes it has no color at all but the most commonly found is yellow.


It protects the wearer against sadness, fear, enemies, anger, and sudden death, it is believed that. It is a symbol of beauty and grandeur but topaz is attributed to have a cooling, styptic, and appetizing effect.


Varieties of Topaz


  • Wine, pale gray, yellow, blue brown, and reddish-orange are the colors of typical topaz. To transparent, it can also be made pale green, gold, white, blue, reddish-yellow, pink, or opaque.


  • The traditional November birthstone and is also known as the symbol of friendship is Orange topaz.


  • Pink, yellow, or pink-orange is the color of imperial topaz. A bright yellow to a deep golden hue, sometimes even violet are the colors of Brazilian Imperial Topaz. To make them gold, violet, bright yellow, or pink many brown or pale topazes are treated. On exposure to sunlight for an extended period of time, some imperial topaz stones can become paler. Due to the rich shade of golden orange-yellow, the imperial topaz is considered one of the most valuable types of Topaz.


  • A naturally occurring blue topaz is quite rare. To produce a more desired darker blue color, the material is heat-treated.


  • Mystic topaz is artificially coated giving it the preferred rainbow effect and it is a colorless topaz.


From the jewelry trade point of view, Topaz Stone is quite an exotic stone. Topaz is a hard gemstone and its hardness also increases its tendency to break. Therefore it is typically used for those kinds of jewelry that will not be knocked around or come in contact with hard surfaces or water. Topaz is preferred for making brooches, earrings, and pendants as a gemstone as this kind of jewelry will undergo less wear and tear and thus will be less prone to breakage.


Tips on Topaz


  1. Be sure to enquire about the origin of the stone while buying the topaz. If exposed to sunlight for a long time then some topaz that is founded in Russia tend to lose color.


  1. While wearing a topaz ring care should be taken. Being a hard gemstone as it can break easily so one should avoid hitting the stone directly.


  1. For Topaz jewelry, the signature color is yellow topaz. It is recommended for people born in the month of November.


  1. To clean Topaz Birthstone and Topaz jewelry, a soft damp cloth is the best way to clean.


At selected outlets, custom-made designer pieces of Topaz jewelry are available. A fine piece of customized jewelry is good enough to make your friends envy those stunning pieces on you if you have the luxury of money. 

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Tourmaline Gemstone And Its Different Types 2 years ago

Tourmaline Stone is a very versatile gemstone and can be found in a variety of colors. However, chrome and pink tourmaline are some of the most popular types of this stone. There are many more colors including yellow, blue, black, and multicolored to name just a few. Watermelon is one of the most popular tourmalines. With hues of red, green, and white present this gemstone looks like a sliced watermelon.


A property called “Pleochroism” is shown by tourmalines that causes the variation of colors visible in different axial directions of the crystal. Sometimes there is one color in the heart of the crystal and another around the outside and sometimes the colors are at different ends of the crystals. With a green rind Pink center is called “watermelon tourmaline”.


Types of Tourmaline stones


  1. Green Tourmaline- The green tourmalines from Brazil were actually thought to be emerald in the sixteenth century. Because green tourmalines of the best blue-green hues resemble emeralds. Most tourmaline colors are being intense and stand on their own merits. Green tourmalines at times may actually be too dark in their saturation which allows less sparkle out of the stone.


Up to 5 carats these stones are easily available. However, flawless tourmalines are becoming increasingly rare. In sizes over 10 carats, investment-grade stones are generally of fine color and flawless. For future appreciation, they must be regarded as having great potential since most tourmalines sell at prices measured in terms of hundreds of dollars per carat.


  1. Pink Tourmaline- It is another variety of Tourmaline. It can be found in pale light pink to bright pink. This can be seen in transparent, raw, and opaque formations. It is found in association with Quartz and other tourmaline colors. They can be found in the same mines although but do not confuse this stone with Red Tourmaline (Rubellite). Stewart mine is still producing amazing gem-quality pink tourmaline.


  1. Red Tourmaline- Spinel and Ruby are priced at levels of thousands of dollars per carat. At several hundred dollars per carat red tourmaline of a similar color remains an attractive value and one that has significant potential for price appreciation. Red tourmalines that resemble fine ruby are so rare that they are almost never seen in jewelry stores and remain essentially unknown to the public. Colors like rose-red, pink, violet and intermediate shades are typical rubellite colors. The chemical properties that color a tourmaline red or pink are detrimental to the stable growth of the material.


4. Paraiba Tourmaline- To evaluate tourmaline, the purity and intensity of color and clarity are the most important qualities. Paraiba Tourmaline is the most valued of tourmalines by far. The price for the exceptionally bright colors of Paraiba command approaching $10,000 per carat. It is prized for its rare colors like Neon Blue, Green, and Blue-Green colors. A mesmerizing individual with its neon glow and radiance which makes it seems almost magical, it is considered to be the most valuable and precious stone.

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5 Things You Should Look For When Buying a Man Made Diamond 2 years ago

Man-made diamonds are a beautiful alternative to naturally earth-mined diamonds as we all have learned this lately. They are eco-friendly as well as beautiful and conflict-free which means when you buy them you won’t be contributing towards something that funds wars or causes human suffering. You are at peace when you wear a lab diamond and that’s the most important thing that matters. When it comes to buying synthetic diamonds, there are few things you should be very careful about. The similarities between a lab diamond and an earth-mined diamond should be known to you when you go to buy them.


The easier it will be for you when you learn more about the lab-grown diamonds to find the best CVD diamonds as you’ll know what qualities to look for in order to recognize them. In various different circumstances, this has proven to be true where several mentally rigid and stubborn individuals who had previously refused even considering the purchase of a lab-grown or CVD diamond. It takes some time to get used to the idea of such a gemstone but after carefully considering the factors listed below most people change their outlook towards these stones.


The following are the 5 most important factors to look for when buying a man-made diamond according to the best lab-grown diamond manufacturers:


  1. Only lab created diamonds are guaranteed conflict-free. From the ravaged parts of Africa, the naturally mined diamonds come and are born causing major destruction of land and other natural resources. Without clean drinking water, it also leaves local people. These diamonds have a major role to play in funding the wars and violations of human rights.


  1. A good synthetic diamond comes with a surface hardness of at least 9.5 while a natural diamond features a surface hardness of 10. To be able to cut a glass both should have sharpness.


  1. Synthetic diamonds as well as natural diamonds have an index of refraction of 2.42 which makes it even more difficult to differentiate between the two. To understand the amount of light this measurement enables you that will be refracted by the diamond.


  1. Mined diamonds are cut based on cost while laboratory diamonds are cut by hand. Synthetic diamonds make for the most ideal choice of gems. When it comes to makes them perfect for the customer it takes a lot of time and effort.


  1. Both natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds must be polished with diamond powder as it works wonders in making them look authentic and amazing.


For individuals who are looking for an ethical, sustainable stone that is affordable and no less real than a natural diamond there is no doubt in it that lab-grown diamonds are a perfect choice. They can be placed in almost every type of setting this is the best thing about man-made diamonds whether it’s sterling silver or white gold. These diamonds always look amazing and make your jewelry look even more amazing.

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Which Sapphire Stone You Should Buy? 2 years ago

When you start imagining a gorgeous sapphire stone, the color blue immediately comes to mind. For royalty, these vibrant gemstones have also always held special significance starting with medieval kings who believed the stones would protect them from those who seek to do harm.


Different Types of Sapphire


  1. Star Sapphire- Star sapphires have a fascinating and long history of being highly coveted and prized as very special and unique gemstones. Throughout time many have felt a special connection to these stones because their special feature called asterism lends an added mystical element.


They are often used to create large statement pieces of jewelry that are worn to show-stopping effect because many of the largest sapphires ever discovered have been star sapphires. Star sapphires seem to be more reminiscent of the earth they came from and are easy to be a fan of.


  1. White Sapphire- The colorless sapphires are white sapphires. When the crystal is forming, a sapphire receives its color from the trace elements present within the earth. They are completely untouched by trace elements this is why white sapphires are quite rare. As they are less expensive and very durable white sapphires are excellent alternatives to diamonds for engagement rings.


  1. Blue Sapphire- If you are really looking for an authentic and genuine Blue Sapphire stone then you should know its features such as it has a profound blue color, little but violet color essence. If we see it from different angles it looks in a different color is another property of blue sapphire. This is the symbol of loyalty, affection, and assurance towards a relationship which means it boosts the romance in the wearer life. In the relationship, it enhances calmness and psychological equilibrium so they can stay longer in life.


  1. Black Sapphire- It is an aluminum oxide mineral that usually forms in crystals. To absorb any light that hits them, these stone appears. They don’t reflect much light but they range from translucent to opaque in either case. It can change the color from blue-black to gray. It is exceptionally durable. It scores a 9 on the Moh’s hardness scale like other sapphires. Because of its dark color black sapphire is often confused with Black Onyx. It serves as a great look-like though it is harder than onyx. For everyday wear, the hardness of black sapphire makes it perfect.


  1. Padparadscha Sapphire- It comes under one of the rarest sapphires. When discovered usually becomes an absolute favorite while these extremely rare stones are unknown to most. Almost no other colored stone compares to this unique mix of pink and orange and they are strikingly beautiful. The color range of padparadscha sapphire falls within a mix of 2 colors- pink and orange. This word is originated from ancient Sanskrit words used to describe the color of a tropical lotus flower. Padparadscha sapphire are rivaled by no other gemstone species or color substitute and it is one of the rarest gemstones of the world.

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All You Need To Know About Different Types of Gemstones 2 years ago

When a given piece of mineral or organic material has been cut and polished into a piece of jewelry or accessory is called a gemstone. Gemstones are commonly made from minerals. In the creation of gemstones, materials like amber, jet, or rocks like lapis lazuli can also be utilized. Depending on the piece of jewelry that is being created, some soft minerals are also utilized otherwise the majority of gemstones will be hard to touch. To find out more about this take a look at Moh’s scale of hardness. Other names of gemstone include:


  1. Fine gem / Gem
  2. Semi-precious stone/ Precious stone
  3. Jewel


Types of Gemstones


  1. Blue Gemstones- Blue color reminds the mind of serenity and calmness. In the world of gemstones, it is arguably the most popular color. The gemstone jewelry with blue gems is the perfect pick for you if you prefer something shiny and classy. Blue gemstone is said to be associated with stability, depth, knowledge, gravity, and power. It also marks truth, confidence, and faith. In all their shades blue gems have vividness, textures, and shades that are simply stunning for any jewelry. For wedding rings, it is also among the most popular gem color.


  1. Green Gemstones- In the world of gemstones, green has always been an essential color and it remains to be among the most sought-after ones. To anything fancy or subtle, it is a sophisticated shade that adds a splash of elegance. Green Gemstones adds up to nature, freshness, positive energy as well as life and renewal. The most soothing color on the spectrum is green and we are so fond of it when it comes to accessories or apparel. There exist a variety of gemstones in the same shade that is being used in jewelry although we know only emerald as the most common green gem.


  1. Red Gemstones- Red gemstones signify passion, fire, warmth, and vitality. Red represents joy and prosperity in China. To encourage good fortune, brides traditionally wear the color on the wedding day and local businesses paint their doors a shade of red. It is believed that red gemstones can give physical strength, boost motivation when you’re feeling down, and recharge your body, mind, and spirit in other cultures.


  1. Yellow Gemstones- From the choice of apparel to jewelry many find the tone of yellow gemstones very serene and calming. The shades of yellow gemstones symbolize many positive concepts like happiness, loyalty, freshness, energy, and enlightenment. Yellow also signifies good luck fortune as well as good health according to some cultural beliefs. Yellow ornaments can be paired up with almost every other color for the fashion jewelry world.


  1. White Gemstones- Clear and white gemstones & crystals represents the crown chakra. Overall white crystals are often used for increasing purification, awareness, meditation, and awakening consciousness to higher states but they each have different meanings. White crystals are going to be a great friend and ally on your path if you feel called to be a lightworker.


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How to Choose a Good Quality Synthetic Diamond? 2 years ago

Produced via a chemical or physical process in a controlled environment of a laboratory, a synthetic diamond is not less than a natural diamond. It is very similar to a natural diamond that consists of a three-dimensional carbon crystal. Synthetic diamonds are also referred to as artificial diamonds, cultured diamonds, and manufactured diamonds and are created above the ground in less time than it takes for a natural diamond to be created below the earth's surface with the assistance of high temperatures and extreme pressure.


How to differentiate between natural or synthetic diamonds?

Lately, synthetic diamonds are starting to make sense to a lot of people, thanks to their harmless production and cheaper prices. Now the challenge here is to determine which is a synthetic diamond and which one is natural. Here's how -

Did you know? A natural diamond comes with certain mineral grains inside of the stone, while synthetic diamonds have zero mineral inclusions. If you want to buy a synthetic diamond, know that there will be variations in the stone colors. The best way to notice this is under magnification. According to the lab grown diamonds growers, a synthetic/lab-grown diamond often appears to be flawless as it is created under precisely controlled conditions. 


On the other hand, a naturally occurring diamond has imperfections, owing to zero human intervention. It's only an expert who can tell the difference between a synthetic diamond and a natural diamond. It doesn't matter whether you purchase a natural diamond or a synthetic diamond, know that they have the same chemical, optical and physical qualities. There are only a few differences between the two that need major focus.

When you purchase Artificial Diamonds, you won't obtain a certificate that certifies these four attributes. However what you can do is surely obtain an identification report that reveals that the stone is absolutely synthetic, the actual carat weight of the stone, its exact measurements, and its transparency. The weight of the stone plays a major role in helping you identify the stone. 

A lab-created diamond typically weighs more than the natural one and its pricing is around 15% less than that of a natural gem. Real diamonds are ought to cost more than their synthetic counterparts because of their extensively long and expensive production process. When it comes to diamonds, if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.


There are no bad synthetic diamonds, but when choosing one, you need to be a little careful about a few things - ask the jeweler if you're going to consider a natural or a synthetic diamond. This will help you evaluate and determine the value of the diamond at that time. A CZ diamond isn't that rare as a natural diamond is.

Also, it won't have the same value. However, synthetic/lab-created diamonds have made a unique place in the market for people who shop in the most thoughtful ways and want to opt for something cheaper, yet better. Buy CVD diamond now and contribute towards a better tomorrow and more beautiful mother Nature.

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What are some of the benefits of lab-created gemstones? 2 years ago

Most of you are aware it can be a hefty thing to spend your money, yet you really love jewelry. Can anything be more destructive than this? Did you know there is a way out that won’t break your pocket and satisfy your desire to own stuff? That option is lab-created gemstones. Why can you trust it as a great alternative? What are the amazing other advantages of using them? This section will answer those questions and more, keep reading for more information.


Are loose Stones a good piece to own?

Most likely this is the first issue you have, are lab-created stones can match the level of the real things if possible at all? The answer may surprise you. YES, they have everything real, lab created diamonds have all those things of the natural ones. These gemstones, covering the diamonds, rubies, sapphires, etc are actually created in a lab. The manner in which the creation happens is an exhaustive one. Momentarily, it serves the fact and purpose, physically and chemically, these stones are equal to those that are excavated from under the ground. Not to mention, but the color is more dazzling and they have fewer flaws. CZ diamond would be more perfect as compared to natural diamond on any given day. 

How Are These Stones Made?

Let's briefly explore how lab-created stones are made. In a laboratory, experts are able to replicate a process that happens naturally under the earth, yet it takes not much time. It involves a controlled and constant process of using minerals, stress, and heat; all in one laboratory design. Because of this, gases that would be used in a natural gem-creation way, are essentially eliminated. Consequently, there are normally far fewer bad things and (flaws.) The result is dazzling stones that shimmer and dazzle. We are certain that you won’t be able to know the difference between lab created emerald and natural stone. 


What is the main benefit of using the Lab-Created Gemstones?

The main striking feature, the most significant benefit of using the created white sapphire or any other gemstone as per se , is price. They are very fairly valued, making them affordable to any person who desires to buy them. If you don't trust us, you can read about the CVD diamond and natural diamond to know about the similarities.


Other Advantages of Having These Stones

Because you are paying far less than you would for a natural gemstone piece, you don't have to get in trouble by wearing those. Of course, it is still money and you are not in the position of losing it easily. Nevertheless, if you carry this jewelry and something bad occurs which you are not expecting, you will not be losing a lot of things and it won’t be an issue. It is also easy to buy another one and just forget about everything. This kind of freedom you can expect with the Artificial Sapphire, not with a real one. 


The last advantage we are going to know is about the exact same brilliancy it gives. Any reputable jeweler will have some great alternatives that you can buy from to flaunt with the world.

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History, Types, and Price of Cubic Zirconia Stone 2 years ago

We've all heard about cubic zirconia; maybe you or a friend or family member even own a piece of jewelry containing the semi-yellowish, monoclinic mineral baddeleyite form of the cubic zirconia oxide. But do you really know about cubic zirconia and where it comes from? Cubic zirconia (CZ) was found in 1892; however, CZ was rare and hard to find, so for a long time, it wasn't sought after and was considered to have little economic importance.


History and Formation of Cubic Zirconia

It was simply an oxide that existed naturally on our planet. In 1899, two German mineralogists discovered a different, naturally occurring form of Cz Stones: microscopic grains. This was the point at which cubic zirconia began to wider spread, but there was still only a limited amount of cubic zirconia for the ever-expanding market.

Decades later, in the 1960s, studies began regarding how to grow cubic zirconia stones in controlled situations. The earliest studies were in France, where two scientists performed studies trying to achieve single-crystal growth of the mineral. Later, a team of Soviet scientists perfected the technique of growing single-crystal CZ in a controlled situation.

This incredible breakthrough was published in the early 1970s, and the widespread production of CZ reached 10,000 kilograms by 1980. Currently, the market's desire for cubic zirconia is as strong as ever. This could be attributed to the mineral's 8.5 hardness just second to the lab-created diamond. To the fact that CZ is very inexpensive yet beautiful.

Types of Zirconia Stones

There are mainly three types of zirconia stones are available.

One type of CZ, aaa cubic zirconia, has a quality that could easily match - or surpass - that of high quality, expensive diamonds. Due to this phenomenon, many who are in the market for engagement rings or other diamond jewelry turn to cubic zirconia for an equally gorgeous but less expensive solution.


The second type of CZ, Blue Cubic Zirconia is a very beautiful gemstone that you always want to add to your jewelry. There are many different colors, shapes, and sizes of cubic zirconia, so the consumer is always able to find exactly what fits their taste and style. CZ comes in many different colors including amethyst (purple), garnet (red), pink, aqua, lavender, champagne, white, citrine yellow, and more.

The third type CZ is white, which could easily be compared to a high-quality synthetic diamond. The consumer also has the opportunity to choose one of many different cuts of their cubic zirconia including shapes such as heart, octagon, oval, round, square, trillion (triangle), pear, and more. If you are in the market for some beautiful yet inexpensive gems, give the mineral cubic zirconia a try. Your jewelry will be gorgeous, durable, and coveted.

Price of Cubic Zirconia

A cubic zirconia price will retail for around $20 dollars if it is a one-carat hand-cut hand-polished. Whereas, the retail price for a one-carat diamond with color, passable cut, and clarity grades is $1500 dollars.

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What are the Benefits of Amethyst Gemstone? 2 years ago

Amethyst, a stone is a feature of the quartz family and considered a master healer. Amethyst Quartz is a symbol of spiritual protection and purification. It preserves against mystic attack, converting the energy into love and protecting the wearer from it.

The world's most popular green amethyst is known as one of the master Crystals when it comes to spirituality. It is a powerful protection stone creating a foam around the carrier, warding off. It occurs spontaneously in volcanic rock, yet is rare in the fact that its shades of purple or violet are never uniform.


Amethyst is the BirthStones of February, is renowned for its enchantingly intense purple hues. Ranging from deep violet to light lilac, Amethyst is not just the perfect gift for a special February occasion, but also for showing off all year round.

Amethyst is a remedy against drunkenness’ in the hope of sobering up the wearer! Said to convey strength and positivity. Amethyst is a durable stone enough for daily wear. However, if you do wear amethyst next to the harder stone, such as diamond, rubies or sapphires, it will be sensitive to scratching if knocked against each other.

The spectacular shades of amethyst compliment both warm and cool colours, accentuated beautifully when set within both 18ct white and yellow gold.

A sparkling selection of natural amethyst set jewellery for all occasions. Whether it’s a ring for everyday wear to commemorate a birthday, or a dazzling pair of earrings to wear for an evening occasion, you can find the perfect purple treat for yourself or a loved one.\

Amethyst is the perfect gift to speed along healing. Amethyst also famously creates a peaceful and protective environment for those around it.

Physical health Benefits by Amethyst Stone : 

  1. enhancing the immune system
  2. improving endocrine function
  3. improving the skin’s appearance
  4. promoting digestive health
  5. reducing headaches
  6. regulating hormones


Amethyst is the one you can gift anyone, here you can see the reasons - 

  •  Amethyst is a sober and cool colour
  •  On the Birthday, anniversary, festival, a celebration you can gift Amethyst with a gift beautiful card. 
  • Increases Person’s nobility
  • Psychic abilities
  • Inner peace and healing
  • Positive transformation
  • Healing of body, mind & soul 
  • Meditation
  • Relieves stress 
  • Balance
  • It is a Power of spirituality 
  • Jewellery made by amethyst is the perfect colour and looks good.

For your own, you can Buy an Amethyst stone. Many stores and websites are providing you with more designs. 

Healing Ability of Amethyst Stone

Amethyst encourages sobriety, the effect on the drunkenness of alcohol, drugs or other addictions.  It calms and excites the mind, helping you become more focused, enhancing your mind and improving motivation.  Amethyst assists in memorising and understanding dreams. Encourages selflessness and spiritual wisdom.

It increases the immune system, reduces pain and strengthens the body to fight against cancer. It destroys malignant tumours and aids in tissue recovery. Cleanses the blood.  Amethyst eases headaches and releases tension. It overcomes and gives intense effect for bruising, swellings, injuries, and treats hearing disorders. 

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Lab-Created CZ Gems Charismatic One & All: 2 years ago

Precious stones found in nature possess an undeniable power of mesmerizing the human mind. The colorful crystals like pink topaz radiate unique glitter that captivates our senses like nothing else. However, the stones happen to be one of the rarities found on earth. It is hardly by sheer luck that one stumbles upon these rare and exquisite items. Mother Nature takes several millions of years at a stretch to create or give birth to one of these shiny crystals. The stones are formed inside the earth's crust and thus include certain inclusions of impurities. The mining cost of these crystals is exorbitantly high. As such, considering the acute rarity, gemstones are one of the costliest merchandise that exists on this planet.


Because of the price factor, lesser mortals have always been deprived of wearing and using these unique stones since the onset of history. Interestingly, technology has attained the insurmountable height of progress in recent times. In fact, it has attained such a level of maturity that it is now nothing more than a cakewalk to create the colorful and ever glittering gemstones by artificial means. The artificial variety possesses the same crystalline structure and identical physical, chemical, and optical properties as compared to the range of stones found in nature. The resemblance between the two varieties is so strong that it is even challenging for seasoned jewelers to identify between the two without using any of the hi-tech gadgets.

Lab-Created Gemstones:

However, lab created emerald and lab created diamonds are free from inclusions that are found in natural ones. Considering the identical properties and appearances, it is more logical to refer to the artificial variety as synthetic and not imitation gemstones. The range of merchandise is also referred to as CZ, which is the abbreviation of the term cubic zirconia. Demand for a variety of lab-created CZ gemstones in the wholesale market is rising at a steady pace. As such, the commercial prospect of the assortment of items is distinctly impressive. It is obvious that the advent of CZ diamond has thoroughly revolutionized the jewelry industry. However, these products are also used in many industries including communications technology, microelectronics, optics, and laser technology, etc.

Interestingly, the manufacturing cost of cubic zirconia is unbelievably low. In other words, the reasonable cost of synthetic gemstones has made it possible for everyone, cutting across social status, to afford these sparkling and colorful items. A number of manufacturing houses are doing impressive business. These players categorically deal with the production of CZ gemstones. Moreover, the range of manufacturing houses is renowned for investing heavily in research and development (R&D) to deliver the superior grade of products at a more reasonable cost.


There was a time when the range of products was first launched into the market, people used to have a lot of reservations in investing in the colorful lab-created stones. The assortment of cubic zirconia has attained ample prominence since then. Technology in its latest avatar allows fast production of CZ gemstones according to shape and shade specifications. The manufacturing businesses leave no stone unturned to deliver the best to customers at pocket-friendly prices. The commercial prospect of the fraternity of businesses is really amazing in all aspects.

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Precious Fascinating Natural Gemstones: 2 years ago

A Precious Stone is a part of precious mineral sometimes soft, which when cut and polished is used to make expensive jewelry and other accessories. Known for their luster and healing powers worldwide; they have also been used for a long time for making precious jewelry. Most of the stones used universally are hand cut and so the exclusivity linked with them this quality makes them very different and valuable. You can buy gemstones according to your zodiac sign.



The stones are mostly handcrafted by our specialist technician with utmost care to maintain their natural form. Buy Natural gemstones that are available in faceted and cabochons types and in different shapes and sizes. You can find these valuable stones in loose cut stones, stone strands, sorties, chips, Rondelles, carved, necklace forms, and in many more varieties.

Precious stones are also categorized into various groups, species, and varieties like Ruby, Emerald & Sapphire. You can find natural gemstones for sale available in the market.


This lovely medium pink to dark red stone is the birthstone for July. The ruby is developed from the mineral corundum that is also referred to  as aluminum oxide when it combines with chromium. Rubies are the most expensive due to their size as well as their color, with the deep dark red varieties, being the most highly valued.


The emerald has always been famous for its dramatic green look when fused with gold. The emerald is composed when the mineral beryl is merged with chromium or vanadium in the earth. The internal light and intelligent capacity of the emerald, known as its fire, add a warm appearance to the pearl. Lucidity and shading are utilized in estimating emeralds with the more profound green to greenish-blue tones with bunches of clearness and fire the most exceptionally esteemed.



The final true precious stone is the beautiful natural blue star sapphire. Sapphire is actually created with the same minerals as rubies, just with distinct ratios that deliver the blue color. it is very strong and is utilized for many types of purposes other than jewelry. There are many different colors of sapphires, although anything but the blue color is of less value unless you happen to have a rare salmon or deep pink colored sapphire. Sapphires are found in different colors such as purple, clear, yellow, green, and even orange and brown that may be utilized in jewelry, however, they are typically not common.

East International - Precious stones exporters like ruby, emerald, and sapphire for a very long time.

Dividing precious stones into these types of groups helps to recognize their composition, their color, and their origin. Precious stones also have a refractive index, dispersion, specific gravity, hardness, cleavage, fracture, and luster. Each of these qualities is necessary when evaluating the value of the stone.

Considering its natural factor, and high price associated with the stone, we have exclusively crafted 10 bead stone strands along with necklaces and many other products for easy affordability of our customers.

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Spinel Stone - Precious Gemstone or Not 2 years ago

In spite of the fact that spinel stone has been used in jewelry as long as prehistoric times. This gem has barely a little while back be presented with the awareness it has been good enough for.

Spinel gemstone comes in a variation of colors. Unalloyed spinel is colorless, but contaminants are at the helm of for the extensive range of colors. The majority of precious items and acceptable Spinel color is a deep blood red color, although blue, yellow, orange, purple, and pink colors additionally bring into existence fine gemstones.


Spinel gem is in very restricted stock, and that being the case of jewelry companies and gem cartels as well do not really offer for sale such gemstone to any of the buyers. This put a brake on Spinel out of being a more conventional gemstone.

To amalgamate the Spinel is not so difficult and can be put together into any of the colors by putting on the contaminants. Synthetic Spinel is frequently a mock-up to reproduce many other gemstones, for instance, Diamond, Sapphire, and Zircon. For the reason of the profusion of artificial Spinel, one needs to be attentive whatever the circumstances only to buy this kind of gemstone coming from any dealers with a good reputation. More or less, all colorless Spinel gemstones are synthetic stone in nature, for the reason that they take place on rare occasions as colorless in nature.

Clarity of the Spinel Gemstone

Such gemstones can be of no matter what, either see-through, pellucid, or cloudy, and as a matter of fact that in some cases all of the three characteristics appear in the single stone. Their capability of being seen through can be classified and in the instance of the majority regarded high-quality gemstones the clearer the finest.


The lucidity can be a double-edged sword as a comprehensive gemstone that will permit any of the interior imperfections or inclusions detectable.

Usually, though it may seem strange but entirely inherent and unfinished Spinels are very see-through and gemstones without blemish, as a conservative estimate to the naked eye. From time to time a Spinel with a distinguishing biometric authentication-like inclusion will become visible nevertheless these swirling patterns to all intents and purposes add together to the gemstone’s attractiveness.

This stone is a powerful and stable gemstone that can be wound and faceted into just about any kind of shape. However, extra special safekeeping requires to lay hold of this Spinel gemstone to make certain that the intensity or brightness is intensified and the brilliant display of wit or sparkle has been boosted.

Now let’s give a look at the Black Spinel stone. Basically, Black Spinel is such a gemstone that is somewhat undisclosed for the reason of its infrequency and commonly erroneous for black diamonds. It is a nontransparent, category of the red spinel in jet-black,  a gemstone accompanied by the luminous glitter that is frequently erroneous for a ruby.

Black Spinel is a preservative stone that puts to flight the negative thinking and prevents the user from flying at the time of giving rise to the inspiration and authorization, without enormous others.

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Gemstones -- How To Make A Right Choice. 2 years ago

Precious and semi-precious gemstones are in high demand due to their physical appearance and brilliance. They have become the most noteworthy part of beautiful and unique jewelry. Natura gems stones are also used widely by the people as they have healing and magical properties. Moreover, people assume that wearing certain types of natural gemstones can bring good fortune to their lives. However, the best quality and right size of them can benefit in this way.  In addition, gemstones are expensive so it is essential to make thorough research before buying them.


Loose gemstone:

The type of loose gem relies on the type and size you are looking for in a gemstone.  

Several online stores offer a high range of loose gemstones. Both amazing and intriguing, the dynamic shade of gemstones has motivated numerous accounts and legends throughout the long term. Today, they enhance the best gems’ plans and add obvious character to any piece. Become familiar with the imagery of gemstones and plan a gem remarkable to you.

Rainbow moonstone:

The moonstone is one of the most used gemstones used by most professional gemologists. There are certain benefits of moonstones that are utilized in many different ways. The most common story about them is that they bring joy and happiness to the user’s life. Rainbow moonstone is considered the symbol of balance, harmony, and hope. Moreover, it enhances creativity, compassion, endurance, and inner confidence in the wearer. It is thought to strengthen the intuition power and psychic perception providing visions of things that are not quite obvious. 

Ethiopian opal:

It is a marvelous gemstone for achieving spiritual light into the aura. It clears all the negative thoughts from the mind and fills a person with new hope and wishes. Moreover, it helps to raise the psychic and mystical characteristics of the carries of the stone, also, it enhances cosmic awareness in the people. 

The advanced Ethiopian opals are available from opaque to translucent. But the most superior quality of the stones is translucent. They show a complete range of colors against a white translucent body. Commonly there are large patches of red and orange distributed along with parallel columns that resemble fingers. 


When this stone is immersed in water for some time like a few minutes to an hour many of the opals become quite transparent. This is common of hydrophane opal, which is dry and permeable and can ingest water with no harm to the stone and once in a while with no obvious impact on the shading streak. It is entrancing to watch this opal become totally clear when inundated in water. The cycle is completely reversible inside a couple of hours, contingent upon the dampness and thickness of the opal. This marvel is valued by authorities.

Mystic topaz:

It is a wonderful unique gem that is produced when shiny white topaz is heat-treated and supplied with a particularly light misting of titanium. Moreover, it can be produced with a similar long-lasting metallic material, on its contrasting side to create a prismatic wonder so that the stone ends up with a veritable rainbow of colors when exposed to light.

It's consistently gainful to have an arrangement set up for you to really secure a stone. Therefore, previously having the mount gives you the size of stone you need to have set before you really buy one

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The Meaning of the Green Glass Gemstones 2 years ago

The color green is the color of our planet and it also represents growth. Green means expressing yourself in a certain manner that you can reflect the inner side of yours. It is the color of money in many countries and cultures. It brings you wealth and prosperity. 



Green Glass Gemstones mostly are used for good luck. It is said that the green gemstones can heal a broken heart. It will also help you to find the love of your life. Green Gemstones correspond to nature, prosperity, and the heart chakra. It will balance your mind and give you relief from the feeling of restlessness. It will help you to become more focused. The Green gemstone will renew your energy and brings you the new starts as it also replicates the spring.

Do Dark Green Gemstones really work scientifically?

The scientist’s evidence has given the suggestion that dark green gemstone do not have any mystic force. According to this evidences, scientists have said that they can’t heal a person physically, mentally, or spiritually. The vibrations that people usually feel after wearing this dark green gemstone are due to the placebo effect.

Scientists have said that the power of positive thoughts and attitude helps a person in dealing with serious diseases like traumatic brain injury, stroke, and brain tumors. So, there is no science behind the working of the dark green gemstones.

How many green gemstones do you know?

A pure green hue is most desirable in general. Green gemstones often have secondary hues due to this they have blue or yellow color presents as secondary hues. But in Green Gemstones the primary hue is green.


Clarity can be an important factor in green gemstone quality. Green colors are most saturated or intense. Due to this, the green gemstones are classified on several bases.

  1. Ideal for everyday use
  • Green Quartz
  • Green Sapphire
  1. For occasional wear
  • Topaz Green
  1. Green collectors gemstones
  • Green Topaz

Green agate history, meaning, and property

Green Agate is named after the Achates River in the Mediterranean, on an island of Sicily. an ancient source of this gemstone. The Romans started the art of dyeing them into vibrant colors. This is very hard and resistant to the chemicals. Agates have historically been carved from volcanic rocks and cameos. It is mined in almost every continent this makes this affordable gemstone.

The green agate is made up of opaque and translucent layers formed from the crystals of microscopic quartz. It is formed by the layers of silica filling voids in other minerals. Agate is formed when the void is filled entirely in the minerals. They are formed in rounded forms due to the formation of the rounded knobs and nodules that are being present inside the minerals. Most of the agates are dull and inappropriate in shape, thus they required cutting and polishing to reveal their inner color banding. The Green agate is also used in making boxes and in decoring materials other than jewelry.

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