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What Are The Important Facts About Aquamarine Gemstone? 2 years ago

Aquamarine gemstone is known for its gorgeous watery blue and green hues that evoke ocean depths. These stones never attain darker tones because they lack the excellent saturation that sapphires and tourmalines have. Aquamarines were once often worn as a charm by sailors to keep them safe at sea. These Blue Gemstones are frequently heated to remove any remaining greener colors and obtain a purer blue color. However, it does not always work, and they often retain their distinctive sea-like colors.


Aquamarine is a Light Blue Gemstone that has a solid link to water. It represents peace, harmony, and clarity. People believe it can ease tension and clarify the mind with calming, soothing effects. According to legend, mermaids treasured Aquamarine Gem as a treasure and gave it to seafarers as a gift of protection. The sailors used the stone as a charm to protect themselves from bad luck and even seasickness.



How do you differentiate between real and fake aquamarine gemstone?


Aquamarine gemstones are easily available in the market, but it does not mean they do not hold any value. If you are not careful, then there’s a possibility you may buy a fake or synthetic. Hence, identify the difference between a natural aquamarine gemstone and a synthetic one. The best way to identify a natural aquamarine is to pay attention to the color. Unlike other blue gemstones such as Blue Zircon or sapphire, aquamarine, in its natural form, has a beautiful light shade of blue that resembles the color of the ocean. 


They may have a slightly yellow or green tint as well. Gems that form naturally have excellent transparency and clarity. The hardness and durability of the stone are other features you can use to identify the stone. Aquamarine stones are complex so they won’t break quickly. However, they can easily scratch glass and other similar things. 


So, if you notice scratches on the stone, reconsider purchasing them. Colored glass is one of the most common alternatives or substitutes for aquamarines. In such situations, there are three main differences to notice. 


What things should we consider while buying Aquamarine jewelry?


Like any other valuable gemstone, the value of an aquamarine gemstone is determined by the color, clarity, cut, and caret. Whether you are buying rings, bangles or pendants studded with these beautiful gems, here are some factors that you should take into consideration. 


  • Cut. Aquamarine stones come in a variety of shades, shapes, and sizes. However, the most common cuts are round, oval, and emerald. You can also carve them into decorative shapes.
  • Color. The color of this aquamarine stone may range from light blue to greenish-blue. Pale greenish blue aquamarine gemstones are most readily available.
  • Clarity. Most faceted aquamarine gemstones are clear from inclusions and clean to the eyes. However, opaque and translucent aquamarine is also available.




We hope that the above-given information is helpful for you. We learn valuable things about Aquamarine gemstones from the above information. We also know to differentiate between natural and synthetic aquamarine gemstone. For more information regarding aquamarine gemstones, contact



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What Is A Sapphire Stone Associated With? 2 years ago

Sapphire is a precious gemstone associated with royalty. People believe it to attract blessings, abundance, and gifts. Sapphire also protects against negative energies, calms the mind, invites spiritual power, and strengthens intuition. When most people listen to the word sapphire, they think of blue sapphire. Indeed sapphire comes in a beautiful blue color, but you can also find it in many other colors such as white, black, purple, pink, yellow, and Green sapphire. You won't find a red sapphire though sapphire is a type of stone called a corundom. And the red corundum is known as a ruby. 


The value of a blue Sapphire stone has a lot to do with its color. The deep, vivid royal blue color sapphire is among the most valuable. Blue sapphire, in particular, has a connection with the throat chakra, and you can use it to enhance self-expression. The royal blue sapphire is also associated with the third eye chakra, and it can help you become more mindful of your feelings and thoughts. Blue sapphire is also a stone of integrity and wisdom. Dark blue is associated with knowledge and self-cultivation. 



What do you know about orange sapphire stone?


Orange sapphire is also known as 'padparadscha' stone. It is the rarest and the most expensive compared to all the other sapphires. Orange sapphires are among the most challenging rocks to find in such an untreated natural environment. The shade of many of these orange sapphires does not have a primary tone of gold. The unused extreme orange sapphire gems and orange gems can be costly and difficult o obtain. 


You can't easily find natural orange sapphire in local gem shops that sell gemstones for sale. Jewelers must process almost all the orange sapphire stones available on the market or web with intense heat to create a bright yellow color. Such gems are not rare and don't hold much value compared to natural orange sapphires. 



What is the importance of sapphire gemstone?


Sapphire is the birthstone of September. People believed sapphires to discover fraud, preserve integrity, and protect from a plague, poison, fever, and skin disorders in ancient times. In modern times, its most common perception is the stone of wisdom. People believe sapphires enhance Learning, mental sharpness, and spiritual healing. 


They can help you obtain mental clarity by calming your nerves. Sapphires help bring a positive attitude toward life and bring out the calm energies when your mind is busy. It is also helpful in channeling healing powers from a higher source into the healer. Sapphire is also known as the stone of love, commitment, and fidelity and is commonly used in engagement rings. 




We hope you got to learn some valuable things about the sapphire gemstone. In the above-given information, we discuss the benefits of the blue sapphire gemstone and the importance of the orange sapphire gemstone. We also learn the benefits of sapphire stone and its uses. To know more regarding sapphire stone, check out


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What Are The Major Differences Between CVD Diamonds And CZ diamonds? 2 years ago

CVD diamond and cubic zirconia are entirely different. CVD diamonds are 100% natural diamonds meaning they are entirely generated from carbon. On the other hand, cubic zirconia does not contain any carbon. They are significantly weaker in durability or hardness than CVD diamonds which are natural. Although grown in the lab, CVD diamonds are gen quality diamonds with the same elemental structure and physical and optical properties as their natural counterparts. 


Adding to the fact that CVD diamonds are cut and polished the same as natural diamonds, the difference between the two is impossible to spot by the naked eye. On the other hand, the CZ is a simulated or synthetic diamonds that refers to an overlapping sphere. Cz diamond are not as durable as CVD diamonds, but they are still durable compared to other gemstones and synthetic diamonds.  


What gemstones are considered most precious?


Diamond is considered one of the most Precious Gemstones. Diamond is less stable than graphite, yet the conversion rate from diamond to graphite is minimal under ordinary conditions. White Diamonds have exceptional physical properties, which stem from the strong covalent bonding between their atoms. Diamond, in particular, is the most rigid and thermally conductive bulk material. Diamond's principal industrial application in cutting and polishing tools and research applications in diamond knives and diamond anvil cells are known for these qualities. 


A diamond is a precious gemstone consisting of pure carbon in a crystalline form that is colorless and usually typically clear and generally colorless is known as a diamond. It is also the hardest naturally occurring stone or substance on earth. Diamond ranks the highest on the mohs scale of mineral hardness. 


Are blue diamonds and pink diamonds the most precious gemstone?


Blue diamonds have all of the intrinsic features of diamonds, except the stone's extra element of blue color. It is precious and expensive. It is one of the most popular and sought-after gemstones. They're blue because trim levels of boron contaminate the crystalline lattice's structure. They are part of the fancy color diamonds subclass, the generic term for diamonds with solid colors. Like white diamonds, blue diamonds range in quality from Flawless to Included.


Pink diamonds are relatively uncommon. Pink diamonds account for only 0.0001% of all diamonds in existence. It is a diamond that would provide the world with beauty and serenity. Pink diamonds, like white diamonds, can be perfect or included. The Pink Star is the only entirely flawless pink diamond in the world. There is also synthetic diamond available in the market, which appears just like natural diamonds, but they do not hold much value to them. 




We hope the above information helps you in understanding more about diamonds. We discuss the difference between CVD diamonds and cubic zirconia in the above topic. It also provides valuable information about precious gemstones like pink and blue diamonds. For further details regarding diamonds and precious gemstones, visit


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What Are The Significant Benefits Of Quartz Gemstones? 2 years ago

Quarts are one of the world's most frequent and diverse minerals. Its varied colors give rise to various gemstones, including Amethyst Quartz and citrine. You can use other types of quarts to make essential crystals. The purple variant of Quartz is amethyst, the most popular and precious quartz gemstone. Amethyst or Purple Quartz ranges from light to dark purple. People believe that Quartz is a master healer and believes in supporting the entire energy system. Some people regard this White Quartz as a master healer, and people believe them to amplify energy assistance Concentration and memory aid in the energy system's balance.


This stone is often used in conjunction with others, such as rose quartz, to aid and improve their abilities. This pink stone is all about care and love, as the color suggests. People believe it to assist in the restoration of trust and harmony in relationships, improve connection, bring comfort and serenity at times of mourning, promote love, respect, confidence, and self-worth encourage love, respect, trust, and self-worth.


What do you know about blue quarts?


Blue Quartz is a calming and relaxing Throat Chakra stone that promotes creativity, self-expression, and communication. It also helps reach out to the spiritual and angelic realms for conversation. It's a powerful stone for warding off negativity, and its balanced abilities aid in dispelling fear. As it helps pull people out of depression, this stone brings hope, happiness, and tranquility.


The blue Quartz enhances mental clarity and aids in achieving goals with more incredible stamina and ambition and genuine peace and care. Under running lukewarm water, you can empty it if you need to. It is re-energized by the sun, or a rock crystal—hematite tumbling stones and a rock crystal are used to unload chains overnight.


It acts by coming into direct touch with the skin or applied to the appropriate areas. Its effect is equally effective when worn as a necklace. Its impact on the spirit discloses immediately by examining it due to its color.


What are the benefits of green quarts?


Green Quartz is said to arouse love, empathy, compassion, and increase connections with people and is related to the heart chakra. This stone encourages people to see the sunny side of life, transforming negative energy into positive. Green Quartz promotes calm and understanding in relationships and allows users to handle stressful situations with grace and patience. People believe that Green quartz boost creativity alleviates anxiety, promotes financial success, and aids in a speedy recovery from sickness or surgery.


Due to its hardness, you can clean green quarts with an ultrasonic cleaner. To avoid color alterations, keep most types of multicolored Quartz away from heat. To keep the color of green Quartz, keep it out of direct sunlight. Green Quartz is a good choice for usage in any form of long-lasting jewelry, including rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and more, due to its toughness. 




We hope that you like the above-given information. We get to learn some valuable facts regarding Quartz gemstone. The above information tells us about the benefits and healing properties of different variations of quartz gemstones, such as rose quartz and amethyst quartz. For further information concerning Quartz, check out


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What Do You Know About Star Sapphire Gemstones? 2 years ago

Star sapphires are rare and beautiful semi precious gemstones. The easiest way to recognize a star sapphire is to look at the star that shines upon its surface. The shifting star patterns that shine on the surface are asterism which gives the stone a six-rayed lead or twelve rayed stare when viewed under the light, which is even rare. The most famous star sapphires are blue star sapphire and black star sapphire. It may be challenging to recognize a genuine star sapphire for an inexperienced eye. Here are some which can help you realize natural blue or black star sapphire


A natural star sapphire will change its position, following the light when you move the light around the circle. 


A natural star is more likely to have one or more of the six rays, which will not be precisely the same length. 


It shows through the top. 


It is synthetic if the star remains stationary even after shifting the light source. 


It would be beneficial to look at the side and the bottom of the stone.


A natural star sapphire is uneven on the bottom. Also, the stripes and lines of color should be uneven.


What are Padparadscha Sapphires?


Padparadscha sapphire is a member of the sapphire family. The pink and orange stones, on the other hand, are radically different from their blue counterparts.


They are breathtakingly gorgeous, despite not being as well-known as other sapphires. Almost no other pink stone comes close to capturing the intensity of this one. Padparadscha sapphires are prevalent and highly sought-after, especially now that they have a real royal connection. The name Padparadscha is just as unique as the gem itself. 


The word Padparadscha derives from the Sinhalese word ‘Padma radschen,’ which signifies lotus blossom. This particular sapphire has a color that is akin to the lovely pinkish-orange aquatic flower.


The lotus flower, which develops in dirty waters and emerges above the surface to blossom, is famous worldwide. As a result, the flower has come to symbolize extraordinary beauty in the face of adversity. It is now known as a sign of mental and emotional purity. Nowadays, lab created sapphire is available on the market, but they don’t hold much value. 


What are the benefits of sapphire gemstones?


Sapphire is the birthstone of September, and It is the stone of wisdom. They can calm nerves and support achieving mental clarity. Sapphires help bring knowledge and learning, mental acuity, and spiritual learning. People believe that sapphires can activate the third eye and throat chakras, enabling access to a higher level of self-awareness. As a result, sapphires can aid in developing a positive outlook on life and the induction of calm energies when the mind is overworked. You can also use it to channel healing energy from a higher source into the healer, so sapphire is so popular among Reiki practitioners.




From the above-given information, we learn about sapphire gemstones. In the above-given article, we discuss the star sapphires, the benefits of sapphire gemstones, Padparadscha Sapphires, and more in the above-given matter. For more information regarding sapphire gemstones, please check out


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How to buy sapphire stones 2 years ago

You’ve probably heard of the deep blue sapphire stone, but have you ever thought about actually buying one? There are many things to consider when buying sapphire stones online or in person, which can make your head spin and make it difficult to know exactly what to do. This article will help you buy sapphire stones online with confidence, as well as give you some insight into all the different types of sapphires out there to help you make an informed decision about which type of sapphire stone might be right for you.



The difference between natural and synthetic sapphires

Green quartz is often mistaken for natural colored sapphires. Green quartz can also be treated by heat to change its color and make it look more like a natural gemstone. Natural blue corundum, on other hand, takes over 200 million years to form naturally in a rocky environment and comes with a host of health benefits. Natural sapphires are still considered rarer than synthetic ones and cost more. Most jewellers will tell you how long it took nature to make their product when they’re trying to sell you one; if they don’t mention its origins or give any clues about it, try asking them directly where it came from.



Where To Buy Sapphires

When you go looking for sapphires, don’t just run down to your nearest jewelry store. There are plenty of online retailers who offer great deals on precious gems. While you can usually find a good deal on most products on eBay, they tend to have higher markups on their gems. For example, I found a six-carat green quartz stone for only $350 from one seller and it cost nearly $1,000 from another (green quartz is worth about $150 per carat). Another option is Blue Nile—I bought my engagement ring there at a significant discount over other retailers.


Determining the Quality of Sapphires

Sapphires are beautiful, brilliant gemstones that come in all colors of the rainbow. But, how do you know if you’re getting a good deal? There are many ways to determine whether or not a stone is actually a sapphire and what its value is. Experts weigh in on what they look for when buying these gems—and whether it’s worth it to go straight to a jeweler instead of buying online. One thing is for sure: With so many colors, shapes and cuts available, you can find something perfect for every style—whether you have your heart set on an engagement ring or just want a simple piece for everyday wear.


6 Ways to Spot Fake Sapphire Stones

If you’re looking to purchase a beautiful sapphire stone, it’s important that you know how to spot real ones from fakes. While sapphires are one of today’s most popular gemstones and come in a variety of colors, clarity and sizes, some imposters try their best to pass them off as genuine. Here are some tips on how to spot real from fake.


Natural vs Synthetic Sapphires

When looking for a piece of jewelry, you’ll want to make sure you get a natural or synthetic sapphire. You can tell natural from synthetic using an electronic gem tester (available at most jewelry stores). Natural sapphires are mined while synthetic are created in laboratories. Synthetic ones usually have a large difference in price compared to natural ones. If you’re trying to find something more valuable, look for natural ones.


Are Sapphire Stones Worth The Investment?

Buying a stone, whether it be from a friend or from an online jeweler, can seem like a very simple process. But without knowing exactly what you’re looking for and how much you should pay for it, buying a sapphire stone can end up costing more than you bargained for. Sapphire is popularly known as one of the world’s most precious gems because of its beauty and durability – but not all natural stones are worth their price tag. It is important to know how to identify which ones have value and which ones don’t. Here are three steps that will help you determine if any particular blue gemstone is worth buying or not


Unusual Uses for Sapphire Stones

Buyers can get creative with these beautiful gems. Some buyers will pair their stones with diamonds, but others will even use them as a replacement for diamonds if they’re looking for an option that’s more affordable. Sapphire stones also make popular jewelry purchases for newlyweds and for birthdays, and many people love making custom orders by choosing from a number of gemstones. Whatever your buying preference is, it pays to know what you need before you go shopping—start by reading over a few of our frequently asked questions about sapphires. Once you’ve done that, consider contacting one of our stone experts if you have any additional questions or concerns. Our team is ready to help!

Is Ruby Stone More Expensive Than Diamond? 2 years ago

If you’re trying to decide between buying a ruby stone or diamond, you might wonder if the ruby will be more expensive than the diamond. While both precious gems are certainly luxurious and eye-catching, they each have unique properties that make them desirable in different ways, and their prices will vary accordingly. Read on to learn about some of the most important factors that influence the price of ruby stones, so you can decide if ruby is really more expensive than diamond.


Why is Ruby Gemstone so Expensive

The pinkish-red ruby gemstone is known for its strength and durable nature. Ancient Greeks used to believe that Rubies are fallen stars from rainbow moonstone skies. Thus, they have been associated with myths and legends since times immemorial. The most expensive ruby stone in world history was auctioned off for $400 million USD in 2015 to a Macau casino owner.


Consider the Source

All things being equal, a diamond will be more expensive than a ruby. They’re both precious stones, but diamonds are rated for hardness on the GIA scale (diamonds rank at 10, rubies rank at 9) and have greater durability under impact. Rubies also contain fractures and inclusions that diminish their value when compared to a similar-sized diamond. However, not all sources are created equal. If you find an expert who knows how to work with rainbow moonstone or is skilled at cutting/polishing these gems, it may be worth paying more for a ruby stone. Buyer beware!


Where Does One Buy Rubies

When looking to buy rubies, your first stop should be a jeweler. It is important to seek out a reputable jeweler who has experience with fine gemstones. You can begin by asking other people you know for recommendations or looking for reviews online. The next step is to contact and visit several different jewelers in your area. When shopping around for rubies, it is important to make sure that you are comparing apples to apples. That means that all of your potential purchases should come from reputable sources and have a similar cut, color, and clarity grade. Be sure to thoroughly examine your options under both 10x magnification as well as natural light so that you can get an accurate sense of what each stone looks like before making a purchase.


Are Rubies Harder than Diamonds?

A Rainbow Moonstone is far more rare than a diamond and are considered more valuable because of their rarity. A rainbow moonstone exhibits a stunning prismatic effect due to small inclusions that reflect various hues of red, green, blue, and purple. The most prized stones are flawless and exhibit a deep red color with vibrant flashes of multicolored hues when faceted under sunlight or artificial light. The reason why rubies are more expensive than diamonds lies in its rarity and rarity often means better quality when it comes to gemstones; thus why it is very hard to find high-quality natural ruby nowadays.



Different Grades of Rubies

The first thing to understand is that ruby is a gemstone, meaning that it comes in different colors and grades. If you’re looking for a specific color and quality, you’ll want to take that into account. For example, some purples are very dark and almost look black in low light; if you’re looking for something brightly colored or vivid, then it may be difficult to find what you’re looking for in a lower-quality stone.


A Brief History of Ruby Gemstone

The ruby has been around for centuries, with some scholars and historians dating its use back to as early as 2500 B.C. The stone was mined from a variety of places, including Afghanistan, Myanmar (Burma), India and Sri Lanka (Ceylon). The word ruby comes from ruber, which is Latin for red; it is also one of many gemstones that have derived their names from their colors. A ruby will often display a vivid red color; however, there are different variations of color and tone within rubies that can include dark tones such as purple-red or deep pink shades known as pinks.


The Future of Rubies

Rubies have historically been prized above all other gems, and in some ways that remains true today. The only gemstone to rank higher than ruby is diamond, but ruby still has many advantages over diamonds. But a question arises - is ruby expensive than diamond? Let's take a look at what makes rubies so valuable in comparison to diamonds, and why they're getting even more popular.

How Is Cubic Zirconia Different From Diamond? 2 years ago

Cz Stones or cubic zirconia stones is a manmade mineral made from zirconium dioxide. Cubic zirconia is a much less expensive lab-made or man-made gem that looks like a Natural Diamond in appearance. But they are quite different from each other in terms of mineral structures. Cubic zirconias have been found in nature in small amounts but most of them that are used in jewelry are man-made. Artificial diamonds are also made in labs but they have the same carbon structures while cubic zirconia does not.  Cubic zirconia is real cubic zirconia, but it's not a natural diamond. By far the cubic zirconia is the most similar and most realistic-looking substitute for a diamond.


How can you tell the difference between cubic zirconia and diamond?


While the two stones may look similar or identical to the untrained eye, there are some subtle differences between them that you should know. Many people think that a diamond should have a clear white appearance but it is incorrect. The diamond experts and fanatics understand that it can still have a grey, brown, or yellow tint on them. Zircon Gemstones are more likely to be clear and completely colorless which itself is a clear sign that it isn’t a diamond. Another minor difference between cubic zirconia and diamond is that the diamonds have natural inclusions throughout the stone which is a sure sign that it is real. You can also test it out by checking the weight.



What are the benefits of cubic zirconia?


Cubic Zircon Stone is getting more popular nowadays. It has become one of the best available alternatives to diamonds. It has m=severtal benefits from affordability to sustainability here we present some of the benefits of cubic zirconia-


  • Sure diamonds are the most loved and preferred gemstone among people, but not everyone can afford them. A small pendant or earring made of diamond can cost you several thousand dollars. Cubic zirconia is the best bet alternative to diamond in terms of appearance and price as it's much cheaper than diamond


  • They are safe. Diamonds look beautiful but most people don't want to wear them while traveling or in their daily lives for fear of them getting damaged or getting lost. Cubic zirconia can end this worry as they are cheaper in price with the same elegance and shine same as a real diamond.



  • Bright and shiny. Although diamonds are known to have a shiny and bright appearance they are nothing in comparison to the brilliance and shine provided by cubic zirconia.


  • Variety of colors. Cubic zirconia comes in a wide variety of striking colors which attracts people a lot. It comes in various colors such as Blue Cubic Zirconia, red cubic zirconia, and more to match up your jewelry with every outfit for every occasion




From the above-given information, we got to know about cubic zirconia, the difference between cubic zirconia and diamonds, the benefits of cubic zirconia, and much more. For further information regarding cubic zirconia check out


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What Are My Birthstones and Their Meanings? 2 years ago

What are my birth stones? The ones that were given to me by my mom or dad on my birthday, right? Well, yes, but what if we’re talking about the real birthstones, the actual gems that are said to be associated with your zodiac sign? You see, there’s some overlap between the two—some gems that fall into both categories, like amethyst and pearl—but in general, you will find different gems under each heading. Here’s a look at the real birthstones, their meanings and their Zodiac matches.



December Birthstone - Topaz

The December birthstone is Topaz, which is a variety of Quartz. The word Topaz comes from a Sanskrit word meaning fire. It was believed that Topaz protected its wearer from fire as well as lightning, so it was often placed in areas of danger such as ship holds, homes where gunpowder was stored or near lightning rods. Today, people believe that Topaz increases creativity and clarity to help them deal with career issues like corporate restructuring or job transfers. It’s also said to foster harmonious relationships by bringing out your best qualities to other people, whether you are on a first date or interacting with a spouse or co-worker.


January Birthstone - Garnet

Garnet is a beautiful gemstone with an extremely long history that dates back to antiquity. Ancient Egyptians were known to have mined garnets for use in jewelry. In fact, garnets were even found among Tutankhamun's possessions when his tomb was opened in 1922. Red garnets actually symbolize friendship, and today many cultures regard them as symbols of love as well. However, they are also associated with success, leadership and intellect—all traits that anyone can appreciate!


February Birthstone - Amethyst

Amethyst is the traditional birthstone for February. This lavender crystal stone has been worn throughout history in many different cultures. Amethyst is said to provide balance, peace and sobriety, but also carries healing properties that help promote spiritual awareness and calmness. On a physical level, it can be used to treat insomnia, headaches or stomach issues. Amethyst has long been associated with royalty due to its regal purple hue as well as its durability; so much so that it's been known as The Stone of Kings and was referenced in Shakespeare’s play Richard III.


March Birthstone - Aquamarine

March's birthstone is aquamarine, a light blue stone that symbolizes friendship, loyalty, peace and courage. It can also provide protection during travel or when meeting new people. [4] During medieval times, March was known as aquamarine time in honor of its birthstone; [5] today aquamarine is said to bring luck to those who wear it during tests or job interviews. [6] Read on for more about March's birthstone .


April Birthstone - Diamond

April's birthstone is diamond, but do you know how it got that way? The association between diamonds and April may have started in 1477, when Archduke Maximilian of Austria married Mary of Burgundy. For their wedding he presented her with a rough diamond weighing 36 carats. In 1478 it was cut into a 16-carat brilliant, which is on display at Vienna's Schatzkammer Treasury Museum. As such things are wont to do, rumors began to swirl about where the diamond came from, including claims that it was found in a mine owned by Philip III of Spain or even that Elizabeth Taylor sold one of her own stones to buy two dozen infant incubators for children whose lives were threatened by a polio epidemic.


May Birthstone - Emerald

The birthstone for those born in May is emerald, a classic birthstone that’s been popular since antiquity. The stone represents wisdom, honor, love of nature and skill in poetry or song. It also symbolizes longevity. Emerald is associated with abundance, luck and divine love. In some cultures it’s even believed to have mystical powers to make things grow! Today it’s known as a symbol of friendship, good fortune and eternal youth. Given its diverse range of meanings across history—not to mention its striking green hue—the emerald makes an excellent gift for someone you know who was born in May.


June Birthstone - Pearl

In almost every culture, pearls symbolize elegance, wisdom, power and wealth. Legend has it that pearl was Cleopatra's birthstone. If you share her zodiac sign (Taurus), your favorite gem might be a pearl. Pearls also match Libra's gemstone (agate) and Virgo's stone (carnelian). The most expensive pearl in history was found in an oyster near Sydney; it was estimated to be worth $1 million at auction. Although coral is not technically a pearl, it is often treated as one.


July Birthstone - Ruby

For those born in July, rubies are their birthstone. Red is a passionate color that stimulates and excites us. It’s no wonder then that people with a birthday in July are active, motivated leaders who don’t lack ambition or drive. Red evokes passion, so while people born in July often have very strong personalities and want to stand out from others, they also tend to be generous.


August Birthstone - Peridot

This gemstone was considered sacred to several ancient cultures, including those of Egypt, Greece, Rome, and China. The name peridot comes from an Arabic word meaning gem. Peridots are mined in Myanmar (formerly Burma), but they were originally found in ancient Egyptian mines. According to legend, Cleopatra wore a peridot set in gold as an earring after Mark Antony presented it to her during his conquest of Egypt. Later on in history, Napoleon's wife wore peridots on her wedding day. In various legends from many different cultures around the world—including Native American lore—peridots were said to have healing powers that protected people from harm.



September Birthday Stone – Sapphire

If your birthday is in September, your birthstone is sapphire. The deep blue hue of sapphires reminds us of peace, loyalty, sincerity, and faithfulness. They are great symbols for one who is born in September because these individuals are so rare. As a month stone sapphire can be worn by anyone to show they were born in September. If you don’t have a September birthday, consider giving someone you know that was born in September a beautiful sapphire as their month birthstones gift. It will bring them much joy as it signifies what makes them unique!


October Birthday Stone – Tourmaline

These beautiful gems offer an abundance of benefits. Tourmaline protects against negativity, especially in relationships, and helps one feel positive about themselves. It is often used to treat arthritis pain, among other ailments. A stone with a warm green or brown color is called Watermelon Tourmaline because it exhibits colors of both green tourmaline and pink tourmaline together. It provides healing energy for heart issues. Many people keep a piece of Watermelon Tourmaline in their pocket to bring them closer to inner peace throughout their day!


November Birthday Stone – Citrine

The month of November is traditionally associated with birthstone Citrine. October’s birthstone is Opal, November’s birthstone is Citrine, December’s birthstone is Turquoise, January’s birthstone is Garnet, February’s birthstone is Amethyst, March’s stone is Aquamarine, April's stone is Diamond and May's stone is Emerald. [1] The Romans recognized Citrine as a gem to ward off pestilence. Traditionally used in connection with wealth and prosperity, today people believe that wearing Citrine can bring great business opportunities while also offering protection against enemies.[2] Wearing it around your neck or near your work space may be of help too.

What are my Birthstones? 2 years ago

The month of your birth determines which gemstones are associated with you and your birth stones color. Each month, you are associated with one or two birthstones depending on the month of your birth; if you’re born in February, you have access to both the amethyst and the aquamarine as they belong to February birthdays in both the traditional and revised gemstone lists. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about your birthstones so that you can finally understand what those January babies are talking about when they talk about their garnet birthstone!



Wearing your birthstone provides you with good luck

The month your birthday falls in is said to determine your birthstone. Many people wear their birthstone for good luck and protection. This could be for a variety of reasons, but it’s commonly believed that wearing an heirloom stone from an ancestor will bring good fortune, like ensuring you have prosperous days to come or protection from curses, evil spirits and bad luck. Some people also believe that wearing a stone set in a ring on your right hand brings good fortune; some say it helps with fertility, while others think it's linked to being able to drain other people's negative energy away from you. Some stones are believed to bring both happiness and money when worn together in a piece of jewelry. Below is a list of month birthstones and what they mean


Wearing your birthstone brings health

The ancient origin of birthstone traditions can be traced back to a Greek physician and astrologer named Proclus who in 434 BC advised people to wear gemstones corresponding with their star signs. The idea is that gemstones have healing powers, so if you wear them, they’ll bring good health. For example, if you were born under Gemini on June 21, then your birthstone is emerald. This month of June celebrates our summer solstice and there’s no better time to bask in all things green and Emerald.


All about February

Each month has a specific birthstone, which is determined by its corresponding month. So if you were born in February, your birthstone is amethyst. As a general rule of thumb, each month's gemstone is derived from either precious or semi-precious materials that make up those stones. January's garnet and September's sapphire are examples of semiprecious birthstones (although if you were born after 1960, your sapphire may be lab-created rather than natural). Amethyst and citrine are also both considered semiprecious stones; however, as March's aquamarine and October's tourmaline can attest to, not all gems used for birthstones fall into these categories.



All about March

March’s birthstone is aquamarine. Aquamarine symbolizes trust, friendship and loyalty. It is a stone of protection from danger and brings good fortune to those born in March. Aquamarine can be found in yellow, green or blue shades. In ancient times, it was believed that Aquamarine could change color according to weather conditions. If clouds appeared over an ocean when someone wearing Aquamarine gazed at it, it meant fair weather and calm seas would follow. Henceforth, many sailors wore Aquamarine to protect them from evil spirits of sea storms and bad weather during long voyages on their ships around the world's oceans.


All about April

Deep Blue Amethyst - The April birthstone is amethyst, which was historically worn to honor Saint Joseph and protect against nightmares. Deep blue amethysts symbolize wisdom, peace and sincerity. In ancient times, it was said that holding an amethyst could help you achieve your goals in life, reduce anxiety and ward off bad dreams. It was also believed to make you wiser if you slept with one under your pillow at night. Today, some people use amethysts as a way to get over addictions or bad habits; they believe that carrying an amethyst can strengthen willpower. Amethysts have also been known to bring about feelings of tranquility for those who wear them regularly.


All about May

The month of May is a time of beginnings and endings, new life and old memories. This month we celebrate Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, as well as weddings and graduations. The fresh buds that emerge in May represent new beginnings for those born in August or September. If you were born in April or May, your birthstone may be a diamond – but only if you were born after 1940! In 1938, De Beers began stockpiling rough diamonds from all over Africa to ensure an adequate supply to satisfy worldwide demand during World War II. Therefore, diamonds from any source prior to 1939 could be used only for industrial use during wartime and not for jewelry making.


All about June

The natural birthstone for those born in June is Pearl, a variety of calcite. The title 'Mother-of-Pearl' refers to mother-of-pearl, a substance similar to nacre, an organic (or sometimes mollusk secreted) mineral that's used in jewelry making. Nacre is closely related to mother of pearl. However, nacre is more valuable because it's iridescent and found only in a few species of mollusks - mainly abalone and conch shells. Mother of pearl is created by conches, but pearls themselves can be cultured from several other shellfish such as mussels or oysters.


All about July

July is a unique month in terms of birthstone colors. On one hand, July’s color is clear and bright—but on another, it’s not as easy to peg down to a specific hue. If you were born in July, your gemstone could be any one of several varieties of quartz crystal that range from yellow to brown. We can confidently tell you that one thing July birthstones aren’t is red—that honor belongs to ruby and garnet. Whatever its true color may be, if you were born in July (or if someone close to you was), chances are good that there's at least one piece of jewelry out there for her with her birthstone already set inside!


All about August

The birthstone for August is Peridot. Peridot is a gem that comes in a variety of colors, but most notably in an olive green. It is also sometimes known as Olivine. While it may not be popular enough to be called an exotic or rare gem, it’s still pretty cool. It is often mistaken for jade because of its similar color and texture but has a much more affordable price point than other stones used in jewelry like jade and opal.


All about September

The birthstone for September is sapphire, and sapphires come in a variety of colors. Yellow and orange sapphires are more common than pink ones, but it's not too hard to find a quality pink sapphire. Sapphire was discovered in India almost 5,000 years ago, although it wasn't widely used for jewelry until about 100 years ago. Ancient Egyptians were among the first to carve sapphires into rings as well as ceremonial masks. The ancient Greeks believed that sapphires provided protection from harm by absorbing destructive influences and keeping them out of one's life.


All about October

October is a great month for birthstone shopping. For example, many people are born in October, so you can use your gemstone as a gift to celebrate their birthday. Additionally, 10/10 (Oct. 10) is Gem Day, which is an opportunity to learn more about gems and their properties. While looking at available birthstones can help you pick out a perfect present or reward yourself with something nice, there’s another way that helps even more: picking out a birthstone that’s also lucky! So make sure to read on and discover which gemstone will work best for you or someone else.


All about November

When it comes to birthstone jewelry, most people think of December as one of the most popular months. Sapphire is among a handful of birthstones that have been given to more than one month. This precious stone is November’s birthstone. Along with a number of other gems and minerals, sapphire belongs to one of two categories known as corundum – a crystalline form of aluminum oxide (Al2O3). Sapphires that occur naturally in colors such as yellow or pink are considered fine gems.


All about December

December is a wonderful month for birthstone gifts. It's celebrated for Winter Solstice, Christmas and Hanukkah, with December birthstones matching all three holidays' themes. The top December gemstone is opal. Found in all colors of the rainbow, opal makes a great addition to almost any piece of jewelry but especially those with silver tones. The second-most popular December birthstone is turquoise. While not as universally beloved as opal, there's no denying that turquoise has long been associated with royalty and wealth throughout history. And at GemSelect, we love its rich blue color which looks stunning against snowy white winter landscapes.

How to Clean and Care for Your Topaz Stone 2 years ago

Topaz is a beautiful, golden-hued gemstone, which often occurs in green or pink hues as well, that has been prized throughout history by many cultures around the world. Its durability and low cost make it an excellent stone to invest in, but if you’re interested in adding topaz to your collection, you may want to know how to clean and care for your topaz stone! This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about cleaning and caring for your topaz stone so it will last you a lifetime!



Natural Gemstones


Always buy from a reputable seller that clearly lists what gemstone you’re buying. This will ensure you’re buying genuine, natural gemstones—not artificial ones. While synthetic gemstones can look just like their real counterparts, they usually aren’t very hard (so they tend to scratch easily), don’t have great color (since dyes are used instead of pigments), and can contain chemicals that are harmful to your health. Another reason why it is crucial to buy only from reputable sellers is that many gems with genuine color can be dyed by less scrupulous merchants. When choosing a topaz stone, look for a deep blue hue with a higher rating on Mohs hardness scale than other types of jewelry stones; 7-8 being ideal.


Types of Topaz Stones


There are two main types of topaz: blue topaz and white topaz. Blue topaz is a naturally occurring gemstone, but white topaz is man-made by heating blue topaz in order to make it whiter. Both varieties share their name with an actual topas stone, which have been found over 30 miles below ground in Brazil. Despite what you may think, however, blue topazarules stones are not natural specimens but rather laboratory-grown crystals.



General Information About Topaz Stones


Topaz is a very tough, durable gemstone that can be worn on a daily basis without worry of damage or breakage. While they are quite sturdy, however, they will not tolerate heat well. Extreme heat can cause topaz stones to crack or split. While many stones can safely withstand temperatures as high as 800 degrees Fahrenheit (which is considered hot enough for most kitchen stovetops), it’s best not to put your topaz jewelry in an oven with other items at high temperatures; if you do have questions about how your stone will hold up against extreme temperatures, take it to a jeweler beforehand and ask his advice.


Picking out your Topaz stone


When choosing a stone, you may consider whether you want a cut or uncut. An uncut stone is one in which a rough piece of Topaz crystal was mined from the earth. The crystal is then cut and polished by gemologists. It will display rainbow colors similar to that of its counterparts, but it has not been shaped into any particular size or shape. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t already have an obvious focal point, such as a ring or bracelet, an uncut stone might be your best bet!



What are the different types of ruby gemstones? 2 years ago

Ruby gemstone are beautiful, popular gemstones that have been treasured by people since ancient times. Many cultures around the world hold the ruby in high esteem because of its intense beauty and power. The word ruby comes from the Latin word rubeus, which means red. Rubies are always colored red, but they can be orange-red or purple-red.



Ruby (Natural)


There are nine primary categories of Ruby gemstones, including all shades and forms. One of them is natural Ruby, which refers to any uncut or unpolished form. The most commonly found color among Rubies is red, though various shades in blue, pink and orange exist as well. Blue Topaz: A variety of Topaz that ranges from light blue to medium-dark sky blue (or cornflower blue). Blue Topaz gems can be found in white gold and platinum settings as well as silver. Cushion Cut: A square or rectangular shape with rounded corners; generally easier to manufacture than round cuts due to fewer facets. Princess Cut: A square or rectangular shape with pointed ends; generally easier to manufacture than round cuts due to fewer facets.




One of several varieties of the mineral corundum, rubellite is primarily found in Brazil, although smaller deposits can be found in parts of Africa and Madagascar. It was discovered around 1797, though it wasn’t officially described until 1799 when French naturalist Mathieu Guinot did so. He named it after Jean-Baptiste Bouillaud-Rubellite, a professor at Toulouse who collected specimens for his mineral collection. Since its official discovery, rubellite has been cut into gemstones and used to create jewelry; unlike some other varieties of red corundum, rubellite tends to be less blue than deep red in color.


Star Ruby


Blue Topaz is a great option for those on a tight budget; Star Rubies can still be found at less than $100/carat and have a very similar look to their Ruby counterparts. The only real difference is that they tend to have a blueish or greenish tinge, rather than red. Also, while they may not be naturally-colored like Rubies, Star Rubies are still quite popular among jewelers because they're super hard (and therefore don't need to be treated) and come in some pretty colors. At any rate, if you're looking for an affordable alternative to Ruby, Blue Topaz might just fit your needs perfectly!





This shade is so rare that very few stones exist, which makes padparadscha extremely valuable. The rich pink color of padparadscha derives from a trace element called vanadium, which gives it a fascinatingly unique and subtle appearance. Although padparadscha originated in Sri Lanka, it’s also mined in parts of Asia, Africa and South America. To date, less than 100 grams have been mined globally – making it an incredibly precious stone. Despite its rarity, many women see padparadscha as one of their favorite hues, often opting for a paradesah bracelet or necklace as part of their fine jewelry collection.


Sapphire (Synthetic)


Synthetic sapphire is grown in a lab using corundum, typically aluminum oxide (Al2O3). It’s not actually related to true sapphires or rubies, but can be used as an inexpensive alternative to them. Because it doesn’t have a lot of color variations, synthetic sapphire is often used as a substitute for white zirconium. The price difference between synthetic and natural sapphire varies depending on use and rarity.


Blue Sapphire


Natural blue sapphires come in a variety of shades, but they all have one thing in common—they’re relatively rare. The most valuable sapphires are deep blue and require high quality (as well as good sized) specimens to bring in significant returns.




Can White Quartz Be Considered A Gemstone? 2 years ago

White quartz is one of the most popular and precious White Gemstones that comes in a white or whitish-grey texture. They are very popular around the globe and also they look like a white crystalline form of gemstone. White Quartz has been established as a precious gemstone by gemologists, scientists as well as by healers, and spiritual personalities. White quartz is also known as milky quartz due to its appearance caused by the bubble crystallization of quartz.


White quarts are ideal for jewelry making but are not much durable. It is brittle and is advised to wear it as a pendant or an earring. White quarts can make a beautiful addition to your gem collection. Clear white quartz is good for anyone who wants to transmute energy. It transmutes negative energy to positive energy.  It has several healing properties and balancing powers. It is also an affordable alternative to diamonds.


Why ruby is a popular red gemstone?


Natural Ruby Stone is a popular gemstone with a striking appearance, strong metaphysical properties, and benefits for almost all individuals. While buying a ruby it is important to know whether the stone you are buying is synthetic, natural, or an imitation. Natural rubies are found in nature and there's no need for no other treatment than to be cut and polished. Natural ruby is a real stone with high price tags. They differ widely due to their impurities and imperfections.


The worth of a ruby is decided on the basis of its color, origin, and size. The natural ruby is formed by the natural geological process over millions of years. It is one of the most sought-after Red Gem Stones. And it requires an intense mining process to be extracted. The natural ruby is made from corundum the same mineral or rock element that creates sapphires.


What makes amethyst so popular among purple gemstones?


It is no surprise that the amethyst or a purple quart is one of the most valuable Purple Gemstone. It is a birthstone of someone who is born in the month of February. Amethyst is a purple variation of quartz.  Amethyst does not have much carat value difference unless you want to buy a very large stone.


Metaphysical crystal practitioners believe that amethyst blocks electromagnetic frequencies that can create negativity though there are no scientific claims to support this notion.  like many minerals quartz comes in a variety of colors among which amethyst is the most sought after and valuable Purple Quartz. Amethyst is a stone of serenity and calm and is said to have many healing properties such as-


  • Enhancing the immune system
  • Improving digestive health
  • Improving the appearance of skin
  • Regulating hormones
  • Reducing headaches
  • Promoting clarity and serenity.




In the end, we can conclude that we got valuable and beneficial information regarding gemstones in the above-provided information. We got to know about the benefits of purple quartz, white gemstones, and more. For more information please check out



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How to Identify a Star Sapphire 2 years ago

If you own a star sapphire, you may be wondering how much it’s worth, and if you should keep it or sell it. But figuring out whether or not your gemstone actually contains stars requires more than just a cursory glance. Here are some steps to help you determine whether or not your stone is truly valuable and worthy of keeping in your collection or selling to a buyer who will appreciate its special properties.


How do you know if the star in your stone is natural?


The stars in natural star sapphires are aligned, while those in lab-created stones are not. Natural star sapphires also have a six-rayed star; man-made gemstones often have five or seven rays. The colors in natural sapphires tend to be more vibrant than those of synthetic stones. However, neither color nor alignment will reveal whether or not your stone is real—you’ll need advanced equipment for that. There are two tests you can use if you want to identify your stone by hand: asterism and refraction.


What does it mean if my stone doesn’t have star lines or rays?

If you’re shopping for star sapphires and your stone doesn’t have any visible rays, there’s still reason to hope. Rarely, if ever, do stones with visible lines also have rayed stars; it's either one or the other. So be careful not to jump ahead and assume that if your stone lacks star lines that it can't have a rayed star. It just means you'll need to look harder with an eye loupe. If you don't see any discernible lines in your stone, keep on looking until you've exhausted all possible angles of view.


Is there any other way to determine if my stone is a genuine star sapphire?

Size is an important factor when it comes to identifying a star sapphire, but it’s not everything. A natural blue star sapphire has similar physical characteristics as one that has been treated. The deeper and more saturated its color, for example, or its level of transparency and brightness are all factors in determining value. If you're hoping to get top dollar for your stone, make sure it displays these signs of high quality. An expert jeweler or gemologist should be able to identify if your stone is worth its weight in gold, but even then there's no guarantee. Demand ultimately determines price—and if there's no market for white sapphire then there's no market for your investment.


Does size matter when it comes to determining authenticity?

Topaz is one of those gemstones that anyone would be proud to have. However, topaz is not as rare as it once was and because of that, some companies may try to sell you something they claim is authentic when it isn’t. So how can you tell if a topaz stone is real or if it’s just glass or plastic that has been colored? There are a few things you can do to make sure what you are buying is an authentic, natural topaz stone instead of just another imitation. First, take a look at the price.

While there are plenty of imitations out there on places like eBay and Etsy, most people aren’t going to pay thousands of dollars for something that isn’t worth much more than $10-$20. If you see a topaz for sale online for hundreds or even thousands of dollars (especially with no other stones included), it might be fake. Next, check for coloring inconsistencies. Genuine topaz will usually show some sort of imperfection in its coloring so if your stone looks perfect all over with no visible flaws, it might not be genuine. Finally, examine your stone under magnification—if you see any bubbles in your stone then it is likely fake because real topaz never contains bubbles within its matrix structure.


Can lab created blue star sapphires be identified as such?

So now that I have all this information at my fingertips, what do I do with it – where do I start shopping for genuine Star Sapphires like those found in Pandora Jewelry collections and other major jewelry manufacturers offerings?


If I am buying online, what should I look for in terms of quality, authenticity, etc.?

Jewelry purchased online can be an attractive option for people who don’t have local shops, but it is also important to take your time and do some research before making a purchase. It’s easy to look up average prices for different gemstones and get some background information about topaz. Once you’ve got that information in hand, make sure you know what you are buying – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! As always, if something seems too good to be true, then walk away. It really could just be a scam...there is no such thing as a free lunch!

How Much Value Does Sapphire Hold? 2 years ago

Natural sapphire is one of the most valuable, most precious, and rarest blue-colored gemstones. They are highly desirable and popular gemstones due to their beautiful royal blue color, durability, hardness, and luster prefix. Color plays the most important role in sapphire. The closer the sapphire is to pure blue, the better it is. As most of the gems in the market are greyish. The top sapphires such as pure royal blue ones reach vivid saturation. The dark color sapphires are easily available on the market in abundance but they never reach high price value.  



Why are synthetic sapphires so popular nowadays?


Natural sapphires take millions of years to form under the exacting condition. This makes them highly popular, unique, exceedingly rare, and highly sought after. While most people want natural sapphire not all of them to afford it due to its high prices. synthetic sapphire on the other hand is created in a lab and they are almost the same in appearance and lower price than natural sapphire. These factors contribute to making man-made sapphires popular among those who can’t afford natural sapphires.


What exactly is Linde Star Sapphire?


Sapphires are one of the few gemstones that produce a shape of a star of four to six light-reflecting rays across the center or middle of a cut stone. With the perfect luminous star, the lab-made Linde Star Sapphire is too good to be natural. the star is visible even in the dim light and it reflects perfectly even rays that are so clear that some jewelers and gem experts say it looks like “painted on”. In contrast to it, the natural sapphire semi-precious stone has slightly uneven rays and is a bit thicker in appearance.


What types of sapphires are very popular?


Sapphires may not be the Rarest Gemstones but it is very popular and fascinating in many ways. It comes in a variety of different colors which contributes to its value and price. Among all the sapphires the royal blue ones are the most expensive and popular among people. But there are also other sapphires who attract the attention of people as they look really attractive such as


  • Pink sapphires. They are increasing in popularity for engagement rings. They have their own value and allure


  • Green sapphires. They are a non-traditional and lesser-known variety of sapphire.


  • White sapphire. They are the most similar to diamonds in appearance. They are popular as well. They make a good and cheap alternative for diamonds.


  • Yellow sapphire. are captivating and beautiful. The color is generally very vibrant and warm and complements most settings of the jewelry well. Yellow sapphires may look quite similar to yellow diamonds but make an affordable alternative.





We hope you liked this article and now you know why synthetic sapphire are popular. Hopefully, now you have a great piece of understanding about different types of sapphires that are popular nowadays. If you want to know more about sapphires then do make sure of visiting our website where you’ll be able to find productive information related to sapphires.


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What Are The Properties Of The Amethyst Stone? 2 years ago

Amethyst is a popular and healing gemstone that helps in relieving anxiety and stress in your life. Amethyst stone helps cure the addictive and self-destructive tendencies of its wearer. It also helps in improving your skin and cell regeneration. It purifies your mind and clears the negative thoughts.


Keeping a tiny piece of amethyst beside your pillow makes you sleep peacefully at night which is a big help for those who have insomnia or suffer from nightmares. Amethyst is a violet variety of quartz, one of the most abundant minerals found in the earth’s crust. Amethyst quartz or purple quarts ids are the most valuable and sought-after variety of quartz. Most fine amethysts are completely clean and untreated and can be found in different sizes and shapes.


What do you know about Created gemstones?


The gemstone that is created in the lab is called Created gemstones. Almost every kind of gemstone can be artificially created in a lab.  The best part about artificial gemstones is that they look the same as natural gemstones in terms of appearance, physical, chemical, and optical qualities.


Artificial or lab-created gemstones are the best alternative if you want the exact same-looking gem at a low price. Though the artificial gems look exactly like the real ones, they don't hold much value to them. If you want to buy lab-created gemstones then keep in mind that they are very cheap and made from some kind of plastic or glass. High-quality natural gemstones do exist but they are rare to find and very expensive, which is why the artificial gemstones were created.


Who should wear the amethyst gemstone?


February is the amethyst birth month, do p[eople who are born in February with the star sign Aquarius.Amethyst is a variety of quartz and generally comes in the shade of purple, the only zodiac sign birthstone with purple color. Although the intensity of the color can vary. The amethyst gemstone stands for sincerity and spirituality. Ancient Greeks believed that the amethyst can protect its wearer against drunkness and addiction


How valuable amethyst gemstone is?


Although amethyst has several health benefit properties and appears pretty, they are quite affordable. Even at the higher grades. You can get Amethyst Stones For Sale on an online auction website or local jewelry market. Prices for high-quality amethyst stones are typically in the range of $20 to $30 per carat. Many gemstone collectors search for the deepest shade of purple, the darker purple amethyst price is higher but they are not as shiny and attractive as the lighter purple ones are.  You can easily find amethyst for sale as they provide amethyst stones in different sizes at an affordable price.




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What Exactly Is AAA In Cubic Zirconia? 2 years ago

Amethyst is a popular and healing gemstone that helps in relieving anxiety and stress in your life. Amethyst stone helps cure the addictive and self-destructive tendencies of its wearer. It also helps in improving your skin and cell regeneration. It purifies your mind and clears the negative thoughts.



Keeping a tiny piece of amethyst beside your pillow makes you sleep peacefully at night which is a big help for those who have insomnia or suffer from nightmares. Amethyst is a violet variety of quartz, one of the most abundant minerals found in the earth’s crust. Amethyst quartz or purple quarts ids are the most valuable and sought-after variety of quartz. Most fine amethysts are completely clean and untreated and can be found in different sizes and shapes.


What do you know about Created gemstones?


The gemstone that is created in the lab is called Created gemstones. Almost every kind of gemstone can be artificially created in a lab.  The best part about artificial gemstones is that they look the same as natural gemstones in terms of appearance, physical, chemical, and optical qualities.


Artificial or lab-created gemstones are the best alternative if you want the exact same-looking gem at a low price. Though the artificial gems look exactly like the real ones, they don't hold much value to them. If you want to buy lab-created gemstones then keep in mind that they are very cheap and made from some kind of plastic or glass. High-quality natural gemstones do exist but they are rare to find and very expensive, which is why the artificial gemstones were created.


Who should wear the amethyst gemstone?


February is the amethyst birth month, do p[eople who are born in February with the star sign Aquarius.Amethyst is a variety of quartz and generally comes in the shade of purple, the only zodiac sign birthstone with purple color. Although the intensity of the color can vary. The amethyst gemstone stands for sincerity and spirituality. Ancient Greeks believed that the amethyst can protect its wearer against drunkness and addiction


How valuable amethyst gemstone is?


Although amethyst has several health benefit properties and appears pretty, they are quite affordable. Even at the higher grades. You can get Amethyst Stones For Sale on an online auction website or local jewelry market. Prices for high-quality amethyst stones are typically in the range of $20 to $30 per carat. Many gemstone collectors search for the deepest shade of purple, the darker purple amethyst price is higher but they are not as shiny and attractive as the lighter purple ones are.  You can easily find amethyst for sale as they provide amethyst stones in different sizes at an affordable price.





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Are There Any Benefits Of Black Onyx Gemstone? 2 years ago

Black Onyx Gemstone is a variety of layers of chalcedony that belongs to the family of quarts. As indicated by the name,  this semi-precious gem is recognized by its elegant black body color. Black onyx can easily break, scratch or chip easily. Make sure to be careful not to bump or hit while wearing the onyx jewellery.

Black Onyx stone is associated with planet Saturn and it is the birthstone for Leo. This stone has a calming quality, which can be helpful in working with complex emotions such as grief and anxiety.  It also helps to balance yin and yang, make wise decisions and get to the root cause of issues. 


What properties does black spinel stone possess?

Black spinel stone is a rare gemstone that is made from magnesium aluminate or aluminum oxide. Black spinel is of the most precious minerals that came from the spinal family and it often gets confused with the black tourmaline. Good quality spinel should contain no inclusions. But if any inclusion occurs a star effect (asterism) can be the result.

Black spinel is usually mined along with ruby and sapphire. This is why they have many similar properties. Almost all spinal stones are formed by metamorphic activity which occurs when the molten rocks combine with the dolomites or limestones. 

Where to buy gemstones at affordable prices?

You can buy affordable gemstones in various ways. Just about any gemstone can be termed good and cheap depending on the price you pay. You can buy gemstones online, which is the easiest and most affordable way. You can compare the prices of different gemstone websites and choose the best suitable option for you. 

If you are confused about which gemstone would suit you best for you, then you can look up its benefits and properties to decide which one to choose. For example, You can buy emerald stone if you want prosperity, vitality, and growth. 


What is the worth of blue topaz gemstone?

Back in the day, the price value of a blue topaz gemstone was somewhere between $20 to $40 caret. However this is not the case today. Due to the excess supply of blue topaz stone, the cost of this gemstone has now decreased to around $1 per carat. Making it an easily affordable op[tion. 

Regardless of the price, this beautiful gemstone is worn by many people because of its health benefits. It is known as the stone of clarity, peace, and serenity and symbolises loyalty and righteousness. It has beautiful and vibrant blue hues that evoke the images of clear sky or ocean which makes it an excellent choice for pendants, rings, and earrings, which are some of the popular ways people wear it.


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The Twelve Birthstones Based on the Months: 2 years ago

Precious stones are often increasing the beauty of jewelry. Somehow, women also tend to love jewelry with stones as an ornament because they often give additional luxury to a certain diamond. Sometimes people choose stones based on their value or color. However, choosing gemstones based on the birth month could be a perfect choice as well. If you want to know more about the birthstones for all months with their precious gemstones, you can read this article in its last sentences.


In ancient culture, birth stones were in a very important place associated with zodiac signs. They were supposed to influence any people who were born under the zodiac signs of their ruling planets. Ancient people believed that they were giving their legendary powers and unique personality and characteristics to the human beings that were born in their month.



Nowadays, people still believe that birthstones are influenced by the cosmic powers of planets, such as Vedic astrology. Therefore, wearing any jewelry with a certain birthstone attached as the ornament means bringing the cosmic powers of that planet to your body and mind.


Here is the list of Birthstones By Month.


Needed information about birthstones for each month:


  • Garnet for January, available in almost all colors except blue. This stone symbolizes channel faith, consistency, and virtue.


  • Amethyst for February. It is available in brilliant violet color or in a range of pale lilac to deep purple and symbolizes sincerity.


  • Aquamarine for March. The color ranges from pale yellowish blue to deep blue. This is a symbolization of sympathy, trust, harmony, and friendship.


  • Diamond for April. It is very famous for its beautiful shine and represents true love, commitment, and passion.



  • Emerald for May, available in a fascinating green color. This stone increases clairvoyance, love, and commitment.


  • Pearl for June, well-known for its elegance. Pearl represents beauty, love, happiness and wealth.


  • Ruby for July, available in fiery red color. It symbolizes blood, love, romance, and passion.


  • Peridot for August. It has a similar appearance to emeralds in the glow of lamps. Peridot is the symbol of power and influence.


  • Sapphire for September, available in a lot of colors. However, blue is the best color associated with the stone. It is a representation of clear thinking and wisdom.


  • Opal for October. It displays the colors of the rainbow and symbolizes hope and harmony.


  • Topaz Birthstone for November. It usually has yellow and brown colors and represents beauty, splendor, and joy.


  • Turquoise for December. Clear blue Persian turquoise is one of the most expensive stones in the world. This stone represents fortune and prosperity.


Birthstones surely make your jewelry have more personal value. Therefore, choosing jewelry with these stones will be the perfect idea for a gift or your own collection

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Ruby gemstone the famous Red Gemstone has the power to boost human nature with immense energy and intelligence. Red Gem Stones are the beautiful creation of nature. They are exceptionally beautiful and have a composite structure. Can be found in different colors and shapes. In astrological language, Gemstones are known as Navratna as they are identified with the 9 planets or 'navgraha'. There are many sorts of gems all through the world but Indian astrology has approved 84 types of gems.


This gemstone is used to achieve government tasks. By virtue of Rubies For Sale, the glory of a man is improved. He gets the advantage in the issues of heart diseases, eyes, and bones. A person who wears Ruby or even the Star Ruby For Sale, his energy administration and management is expanded and he becomes capable to show his inner talent to its fullest capacity.


Ruby is a red-colored gemstone. But ruby can be of pink, blue and black color also. Ruby is the hardest gem in the world, next to Real Amethyst only. This gemstone contains rays that infiltrate down the human body to combat diseases that linger inside the human body.


Benefits of Ruby Gemstone


Improve problems with skin

Improve self-confidence issues

To increase your intuition

Make your bones stronger


Who should wear Ruby?


If the mount of Sun is marginally squeezed, or if there are little spots on it, or if your Sunline is excessively powerless and is broken this will enhance your fearlessness and bring about glow to your skin.


If the Sun is in the second or fourth house in your birth diagram, at that point, it causes issues in family life and doesn't give the family a chance to increment - this is unmistakable on the palm with a marginally broken line going towards the Mercury mount and support on this mount might be broken. Such individuals should wear mania as it can enhance their family life.

If you have a lack of Vitamin D, at that point wearing Ruby in a copper ring will surely help you - it will influence your eyes, the body, and soul stronger.




Drink more water than usual

Never say bad words to anyone, especially to the elderly.

If you feel that you are getting angrier after wearing the stone, then wear it in silver.

If you feel depressed or lazy, then wear manikya in copper



As we all know that wearing Ruby makes a person confident and energetic, but it can also have negative effects. The confidence of a person can turn into over-confidence which causes ego issues, acidity, and your mouth becoming dry while spit gathering in the sides of your mouth.


Who should not wear Ruby/Manikya?


If your stomach makes too much acid.

-If you have problems with your liver.

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