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How to Clean and Care for Your Topaz Stone 1 year ago

Topaz is a beautiful, golden-hued gemstone, which often occurs in green or pink hues as well, that has been prized throughout history by many cultures around the world. Its durability and low cost make it an excellent stone to invest in, but if you’re interested in adding topaz to your collection, you may want to know how to clean and care for your topaz stone! This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about cleaning and caring for your topaz stone so it will last you a lifetime!



Natural Gemstones


Always buy from a reputable seller that clearly lists what gemstone you’re buying. This will ensure you’re buying genuine, natural gemstones—not artificial ones. While synthetic gemstones can look just like their real counterparts, they usually aren’t very hard (so they tend to scratch easily), don’t have great color (since dyes are used instead of pigments), and can contain chemicals that are harmful to your health. Another reason why it is crucial to buy only from reputable sellers is that many gems with genuine color can be dyed by less scrupulous merchants. When choosing a topaz stone, look for a deep blue hue with a higher rating on Mohs hardness scale than other types of jewelry stones; 7-8 being ideal.


Types of Topaz Stones


There are two main types of topaz: blue topaz and white topaz. Blue topaz is a naturally occurring gemstone, but white topaz is man-made by heating blue topaz in order to make it whiter. Both varieties share their name with an actual topas stone, which have been found over 30 miles below ground in Brazil. Despite what you may think, however, blue topazarules stones are not natural specimens but rather laboratory-grown crystals.



General Information About Topaz Stones


Topaz is a very tough, durable gemstone that can be worn on a daily basis without worry of damage or breakage. While they are quite sturdy, however, they will not tolerate heat well. Extreme heat can cause topaz stones to crack or split. While many stones can safely withstand temperatures as high as 800 degrees Fahrenheit (which is considered hot enough for most kitchen stovetops), it’s best not to put your topaz jewelry in an oven with other items at high temperatures; if you do have questions about how your stone will hold up against extreme temperatures, take it to a jeweler beforehand and ask his advice.


Picking out your Topaz stone


When choosing a stone, you may consider whether you want a cut or uncut. An uncut stone is one in which a rough piece of Topaz crystal was mined from the earth. The crystal is then cut and polished by gemologists. It will display rainbow colors similar to that of its counterparts, but it has not been shaped into any particular size or shape. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t already have an obvious focal point, such as a ring or bracelet, an uncut stone might be your best bet!